Monday morning…waiting for relief, Feliz, Ogando

Jonathan Broxton? Rafael Betancourt?

With all indications pointed toward the Rangers trying to reinforce their bullpen, we are still waiting to see what the verdict will be with Neftali Feliz.

He was shut down fro Sunday’s rehab outing because of more discmfort in his right elbow. Obviously an ominous development but the Rangers are waiting for reports from the medical staff to determine a course of action. Doesn’t appear as if Feliz will be pitching with the Rangers anytime soon, if at all.

So if the Rangers acquire a reliever, then what? Alexi Ogando to the rotation? For Scott Feldman?

Maybe Ogando stays in the bullpen. Say the Rangers land Broxton. Now you have closer Joe Nathan, Mike Adams and Broxton as the setup relievers, Alexi Ogando in middle relief and Robbie Ross from the left side. Plus Mark Lowe at some point this week to go with either Tanner Scheppers or Michael Kirkman.

That’s a pretty good bullpen. Koji Uehara? He is still weeks away based on his setback and throwing program.

The big thing is having Ogando ready in case there is another injury to the rotation.

So that leaves Matt Harrison, Derek Holland, Yu Darvish, Roy Oswalt and Feldman in the rotation. Ok they didn’t get the difference-maker in Zack Greinke. But that should leave them with five solid starters. Oswalt’s back is a concern. Like to see Holland turn it on. Like to see Harrison and Darvish pitch the way they did in the first half.

Long story short, this rotation could be right there with the one they took into the playoffs last year, with a bullpen as good or better.

Yes we know about the offense.

Roy Oswalt tonight against the Angels to start a four-game series.

Less than 30 hours to the deadline.

Remember last year it took two decent young players to get one good reliever.

But not a top prospect.


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Ogando starting doesn’t enthuse me at all, he’s looked like nothing but a spot starter since the end of 2011 season, it’s smart to put him in long relief, he should stay there until he figures it out IMO. I’d rather see (more) Martin Perez.

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