Beckett being shopped and the Rangers aren’t running away

The Red Sox have made it known they are willing to trade right-handed pitcher  Josh Beckett. The Rangers are at least listening to what they have to say.

Said one industry source on the Rangers potential interest: “It hasn’t been ruled out.”

Beckett is signed for this year and the next two at a salary of $15.75 million per season.

He is 5-9 with a 4.57 ERA. He is 32 years old. He has a reputation for pitching well in the post-season, which may intrigue the Rangers.

Maybe the Red Sox pick up enough money to make it worthwhile to the Rangers.

Still seems unlikely but it’s obvious the Rangers are very busy and looking at multiple options as the trade deadline approaches.



Say it aint so JD. I thought we were a first class MLB operation now not that ‘Re-hab’ organization for ML players we used to be.

With Oswalt taking up a rotation spot while rehabing his back, I think that question has been answered. Right now, we ARE a ‘rehab’ organization and we need a plan if Oswalt continues to ale. Was looking at Feliz to fill that spot but if he faces a setback I think a trade for either bullpen help pulling Ogando up or a starter (much prefferable IMO but expensive) is eminent… I hope we don’t trade Profar, Olt, or Perez though I might not mind if it was for Josh Johnson.

There is no place in the starting pitching lineup unless the Rangers are willing to admit that the Roy Oswalt experiment is over. I can see keeping Ogando in the Pen and using him for spot starts but Beckett makes no sense unless Oswalt is gone.

Last but not least I still have a problem with Beckett’s demeanor last year IF it was truthfully reported. We don”t need chicken and beer during the game. I think Ron Washington would have a stroke if that happened. [TR if you know that’s going on (ie. chicken and beer during the game) in our clubhouse now please don’t tell me….mid 60’s retirees shouldn’t be disallusioned by their team]

I wrote the above before Oswalt pitched tonight….my opinion is the same.

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