Sunday night: search for reliever

The Rangers have turned their search for relief help. Three pitchers are being dangled out there.

1. Jonathan Broxton. The Royals closer has a 2.27 ERA and 23 saves.

2. Rafael Betancourt. The Rockies veteran reliever has a 2.92 ERA and 17 saves. Also signed for next year.

3. Brandon League. Mariners reliever lost his job as closer but has pitched well lately with a 2.70 ERA in his last 18 games.

Broxton could be the big prize among relievers. He was an All-Star. As with Greinke, the competition is fierce but the Rangers are in their war bunker working on multiple scenarios.



I can’t understand giving up prospects for relievers, but not starters. We NEED starters, and just forcing one of our guys in there and STILL giving up prospects doesn’t make a damn but of sense.

Clearly, Y2K the level of the prospects is the difference. Not all prospects are created equal. The Rangers aren’t going to balk at giving up Perez or Olt for Greinke then turn around and give one of them up for a reliever.

I just noticed that the 3rd place Angels are coming to town……hee hee hee!

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