Rangers not keen on Johnson

The Rangers, having lost out on Zack Greinke, are still talking to clubs. But the Rangers don’t appear to high on Josh Johnson, the Marlins right-hander who is available in the Miami fire sale.

The Rangers have a high regard for Johnson’s makeup and character. He scores well in that regard.

But there are some other concerns, according to sources. His health has been tenuous through his career and this season his home/road splits have been drastic. He has a 3.35 ERA at home and a 5.48 ERA on the road.

It’s hard to imagine the Rangers not doing anything before Tuesday. But it doesn’t appear they are willing to sacrifice their best Minor League prospects for what’s still out there on the market.


Well they do NEED to get a good pitcher from somewhere, you have to give something to get something in return

True Jimmy, but you do want it to be as close to an even trade as possible. Unless of course you agreed with the Braves giving up Andrus, Salty, Harrison, Feliz, and Jones for Teixeira and Mahay. That was something for something in return alright. Greinke for Olt + was not an even swap and not even close. Now, if Greinke was a proven post season pressure pitcher, I might be a little more on board, but then you have to consider your chances of re-signing him too. He has pitched in KC and Milwaukee. He has not performed well under pressure and there is an obvious contributing factor to that which he can’t completely control. I trust JD etc. on this one. Melvin was not in a position to drive the hard bargain. He had to take whatever he could get over losing Greinke for nothing in the off season.

You know Rodney what you said was 100% true and rational. But the Rangers do
need pitching in a very bad way. I believe they could’ve gotten someone better then
Ryan Dempster, alrgough it remains to be seen how well he’ll pitch in the American
League. He didn’t pitch well in his debut. We’ll have a better idea after a month or 2.
Thanks again for helping me understand. Go Rangers, Jimmy

The Brewers gave Greinke away! Perhaps I’m biased but I would have taken the Rangers offer of Garcia, Bell, and Grimm, if that was the offer. Segura is a utility player at best. Daniels won’t panic, he doesn’t have to. Our pitching is not the problem, it’s our inconsistency on defense and timely hitting. Do you think we get Hunter Pence just in case we lose Josh? Or Cody Ross?

Too early to worry about that Scott…start that in November. Good post Sullivanian.

I would take Cliff Lee over all of the pitchers being mentioned. We would have total control over him for the next few years and he is a proven postseason performer.

I would offer Mike Olt and 1 or 2 other lesser prospects for Lee and have Philly pay 5 to 10 mill in cash considerations. This would eat into a good portion of Lee’s remaining salary this year. I also love Hunter Pence and we could have him for another season. Both of these guys wouldn’t be short term rentals!

I don’t want to lose Josh. Hope he retires a Ranger!

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