Hamilton: “It’s going to be good.”

Josh Hamilton talked with the media about his day off. One thing he said:

“It’s going to be good folks. Fans out there, it’s going to be good. Just hang in there.”

Hamilton also suggested he’s going through some physical issues.

“It’s a compilation of things,” Hamilton said.


Of course. He’s got to blame something.

I have to admit being torn here… Josh is saying a lot that could be taken as excuses–but I understand the need to explain why you are struggling. Everything he has said could be perfectly true and probably is… but it still sounds an awful lot like excuses.

I do think that Josh needs a day or two off to get his mind right. This whole “playing for a contract” thing has worn the dude out.

Josh Hamilton is one of my favorite’s from the Rangers’to take him away from his teamsmates is wrong. I’m still going to a Rangers game maybe August or September of 2012&I do Really hope they will let Hamilton play before the playoff’s he need’s to be there. Hamilton&Kinsler are my favorites from the Rangers. I know Kinsler was close teammates with Hamilton&helped him out. how can I still be a fan of Hamilton if he’s going to play with a different team?

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