Johnson, Shields? Maybe, maybe not

With Zack Greinke off the board, the two best pitchers left who are rumored to be available are James Shields of Tampa Bay and Miami’s Josh Johnson.

Are the Rangers turning their attention to those two?

“Not necessarily, no.” according to one source

The Rangers could stay with the rotation they have, knowing that Neftali Feliz could be back within two weeks or they could move Alexi Ogando from the bullpen. Scott Feldman is riding a four-game winning streak.

The Rangers may try to upgrade in other areas.

Or they could see if the price goes down on Shields or Johnson.

But if the rumors are true that the Marlins want a high return on Johnson, they aren’t getting what the Rangers refused to give the Brewers.



Amazing. The Rangers think they’re that good that nothing else is needed to help win another championship. Tonight looked like the beginning of something ugly for the rest of this season – JH no heart. Tired of hearing about untouchable minor leaguers. Do you honestly believe Feliz / Feldman is the answer?

Very concerned that the pendulum is swinging over to the Angels after acquiring Greinke! The Rangers need to land a front line starter to compete for the big prize — not to mention that a shake up in the current lineup and team is needed now

I still believe a Johnson, Garza or Shields would be an upgrade over Feliz / Feldman. They still need to upgrade the bench / offense for the stretch run. If last night’s any indication, Darvish may be wilting as well.

A lot of poeple around here really seem to be in fear of the Angels, but they would literally sell their souls to be where the Rangers are right now. They have pulled out all the stops and it has gotten them exactley a half game from 3rd place. They don’t need to worry about the Rangers right now, they needed figure out how to stay out of third place.
Pujols 254 mil
CeeJay 76 mil
Then this desperate atempt to remain relevent.
Yeah all those moves look good on paper, but let’s see how they feel after all this results in not even making the Playoffs. All the money is gone and nothing down on the farm and to top it off you still have watch the Rangers in the WS again. Lovely
And Don’t think for one minute that they extend Greinke, he just turned down 20 large per from Milwaukee, and the Angels are paying Weaver 17 per and Wilson 15 per, I bet giving Greinke the 22 or 23 large that he wants would play up real nice with those guys.

Great points. I still believe a Johnson, Garza or Shields would be an upgrade over Feliz / Feldman. They still need to upgrade the bench / offense for the stretch run. If last night’s any indication, Darvish may be wilting as well.

This team has always risen to the occasion when the pressure comes (excluding game 6 and 7 of course). But, they are still hungry and I think as we get into August, we’ll see things kick back in gear. I am frustrated with Josh Hamilton and the body language last night showed a huge lack of intensity. They looked beaten and frustrated before the game even began. But, they will be alright. Josh needs to forget about the money and get his head back into ball. And, don’t underestimate the impact of his quitting tobacco. It seems like he has been completely out of sorts since he stopped. He has taken a lot of heat for his lack of plate discipline, his apathetic attitude towards flinging the bat into the stands placing fans in peril, and his public statements about his contract and loyalty or lack thereof to the Rangers. Think about it, he got blasted for playing with a toothpick in his mouth. My only concern is whether or not his teammates are checking out on him too like what happened in Cincinnati. If this is just a temporary funk, the team will be alright. But, if there is something going on in the clubhouse, this may be a year to take a step back. Fortunately, the Rangers have the brains, the money, and the resources to make that happen. Be patient and enjoy the show….whatever happens.

By the way, Hamilton’s comment about praying for the fans who are not cheering for him seemed a bit self righteous and condescending. Why would he say something stupid like that? I’m wondering what exactly he will pray for them about?

This teams problems have been going on all year. Josh is part of the problem, not all of it. They don’t seem to run hard on ground balls, they lack intensity on defense, pitchers struggle just to throw strikes at times, Ron makes ignorant decisions at times. But, they are still in first place! Yes, they are that much better than any other team in the West, Angels included. JD has built a foundation that will not crumble and he will not give away Olt or Profar or Perez, I hope. My prayer is that Josh finds his stroke again, and Ian, and Mike, and Nellie, and Michael…

Those are some strange words coming from a man who said publicly that he doesn’t owe the Rangers anything.
. Josh doesn’t need to show any loyalty to the team he’s currently playing for. But the fans need to show their allegance to Josh or they need to be prayed for. Dude you’re in the middle of a pennant race and you’re worried about who’s cheering you on ? WAKE the F?:K UP
I’m sorry but its not the fans job to cheer you on when you won’t make any adjustments at the plate, don’t play hard in the field and dont seem to really give to shakes about the fact that you”re under achieving when your team needs you to step up and earn the big payday that you so desperately want.
Josh read the 3rd chapter of Ecclesiastes and you will find a lesson on how to best utilize your time
Because its certainly not time to concern yourself with who’s cheering and who’s not. How about carrying this team who is in the middle of a pennant race and need you to wake up from the daze that you’re in, stop feeling sorry for yourself because you didn’t get cheered like you like it, Get in the trench’s with the rest of your team mates and show everybody what real champions are made of.

4 home run games are nice, but that was a long time ago

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