Greinke to Angels; Rangers said no on Olt

The Brewers have traded Zack Greinke to the Angels, according to a source. Fox Sports first reported it and it has been confirmed.

The Brewers and Rangers talked. The Brewers wanted Mike Olt. The Rangers weren’t willing to do that.


Unacceptable we didn’t get him. Olt BETTER be a BEAST.

you are willing to trade Olt for 10 starts? Get real.

Olt is blocked by Beltre and will be for at least the next 3 years. I’d trade him for a true #1 in a heartbeat.

Olt will go in the Johnson deal don’t worry

Unbelievable, Rangers need an ace bad. Hope they have something going that hasn’t been talked about. Like a trade for the King for instance.

And to let him go to our main rival because we didnt want to trade a prospect (whos blocked!) is beyond my understanding.

Thank god you arent the Rangers GM

Because ZG wasn’t agreeing to an extension, trust in Daniels people, he only delivered back to back AL champs from MLB obscurity in practically no time

Well with Beltre there @3B where is Olt gonna play when he comes up?

Olt also plays 1B some.

Don’t take a player out of his primary position unless you have to.

If being blocked isn’t enough to move a player, then what is?

Rangers have already been talking about Olt at 1st and in the Outfield. Fortunately your rule about not taking a player out of his primary position was only written on the back of your hand for during the test.

Ditto Fred….I wonder how Chris feels about 3rd baseman Mark Teixeira being moved to first base. How did that work out Chris? Regardless of what Olt becomes, I love the restraint and trust JD on this one. I don’t want to give up a top prospect for a rental who may or may not be mentally tough enough in pressure situations. And, I’m excited about the Angels’ all or nothing approach. They are selling their souls for THIS year. That organization is set up to become of a financially strapped doormat in the future. The Angels still have the inferior bullpen. No worries here. After all of the crappy baseball we’ve seen lately here, our guys are still in first place. The Angels have been playing great and they can’t gain much ground. They are a good team, the Rangers are a great team. It will be an exciting fight to the finish.

Sorry Chris….I was referring to Jesse’s comment…….oops….caught up in the excitement.

Nice to hear from you Sullivanian…we get too little action on this board and the other one is absolutley whacky. I didn’t want Profar, Olt, Martin and Perez traded. Especially not for a two month rental…especially not when we have Feliz, Ogando and Perez as options to mix and match.

Enjoy watching the Angels win the World Series. That’s basically what they just did. They’ll sign Greinke as well, and Greinke is a true ACE.

Well we’ll just take the rest of the season off then and rest up. Tehy’ll sign him despite him telling Melvin that he’ll test free agency. Nice that you can predit the future like Karnak.

Sometimes the best trades are the ones you don’t make.
sure, who wouldn’t want a guy like Greinke at the top of your rotation, but that doesn’t mean you let oposing GM’s bend you over and have their way with you in order to make a trade.
The Rangers could have beat that deal they got from the angels without touching their top 8 or 10 prospects. But that isn’t really the point,
Teams are going to want to collect a much greater bounty from the Rangers simply because we have a much deeper pool of talent than most other team.
But JD didn’t get to this point in his career, nor has he gotten this franchise where they are both Major and Minor leagues by letting GM’s take advantage of him. On the contrary it usually works the other way around. What I take from all of this is that JD obviously believes Olt is a monster and simply wouldn’t part with him for 10 starts from Greinke or anybody else for that matter. IN JD WE TRUST

Your owner’s a bloodsucker. Is it really true that your TV contract pays 80,000,000 dollars per year you’d never know it watching how you do things. Looks more like Kansas City.

Dude (ABC) you need to go back and rant on the Phillies as is your wont. And if you don’t like what I’m saying just follow your own advice…you know…what you tell others to do.

Thanks Fred. This blog has been a bit dull lately. I was wondering where everybody went and how the good chatter would stop during the best era in Rangers history.

I’m gonna have to scoreboard you Free_ABC. I’m pretty sure Kansas City was NOT in the World Series in the past two years. I’m also pretty sure that they don’t have the top farm system in baseball that others are drooling over. And, I’m pretty sure you are NOT a Rangers fan and whoever YOUR team is…..they are behind the Rangers. Just sayin’. Now, all this talk is coming while the Rangers remain in first place despite not hitting any semblance of their stride yet. But, even if they take a small step back this year and fade. They have the ability to re-tool and become even better over the long haul. The Angels’ window is a lot less open than the Rangers. Even if the Angels won the World Series this year as you predict, I wouldn’t even consider trading organizations. When Pujols is hitting 220 with 18 home runs and the Angels are trying to trade him in a few years but can’t because of his contract that they can’t afford to eat, the Rangers will still be right up there with the elite. And, the Angels will have no future because of their now depleted sub par minor league system. Dream on. It’s a lot easier to do when your team is still chasing the best who isn’t even playing their best. I know this because we Ranger fans experienced this for several decades. But for us, those days are gone. So, keep dreaming ABC. Keep dreaming.

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