96 hours to go: nothing close

Right now the latest word is the Rangers aren’t close to doing anything as far as a trade. All it takes is one phone call though and there are still 96 hours to go before the non-waiver trade deadline.

The rumors float in and out…Cliff Lee won’t be traded, the Braves are looking at bullpen instead of rotation, which would mean less competition for Zack Greinke, the Angels think they will stay with what they have, the Dodgers and the Cubs are at an impasse over Ryan Dempster, the Rays are going to hold on to James Shields.

Still seems apparent that the Rangers want Zack Greinke and the Brewers will trade Greinke. What goes to Milwaukee in return is obviously the big obstacle to overcome, but you can also surmise that the Rangers will want a second player in the deal. Remember when they traded for Carlos Lee, they also got Nelson Cruz. When they acquired Cliff Lee, they also acquired Mark Lowe.

So if the Rangers do get Greinke and he is a two month rental, the Rangers will likely want a second player in the trade to at least have something to show for it beyond 2012. Maybe it will be something to help the bench or something for the future.





You can have George Kattaras…. We take your stud Shortstop Jurickson Profar, and Cody Buckel. That is the only way this gets done… Remember that The Brewers gove up for Greinke? They need to get at least that back.

AMEN musky hunter….Greinke is worth all that and then some….give us what its worth Texas

Why Grienke? He\’s a right-handed Derek Holland. When he\’s on, he\’s enormous, but when his psyche gets in the way, he don\’t do so good.

We need someone who can thrive in the post season. Grienke had a chance and melted down.

I\’d much rather give Martin Perez and Scott Feldman (now that he\’s gotten sufficiently stretched out) a chance than go spend a ton on someone who could be just as likely to flame out as one of the guys we already have.

Perez\’ \”stuff\” looks a lot like Holland\’s \”stuff\”. And, Perez doesn\’t appear to have the maturity issues Derek does. He may be an ace in the making.

And, now that he\’s pitching well, I\’d take Feldman over Grienke any day. Especially at TBiA…

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