Hamels out; Four pitchers to watch

The Phillies have signed Cole Hamels to a six-year, $144 million contract. That leaves four pitchers left on the market who could be a significant upgrade for the Rangers

1. Zack Greinke, Milwaukee – Probably the best pitcher out there. Rangers clearly would take him and aren’t worried about not getting compensation if he leaves at the end of the year as a free agent.

2. James Shields, Tampa Bay – Rumored to be available but don’t count on it. Tampa Bay holds club options on him for the next two years at $9 million and $12 million, which are quite reasonable. Tampa Bay also still in contention and not in a rebuilding mode.

3. Josh Johnson, Miami. – Signed for next season at $13.75 million. Rangers don’t have a great scouting report on him. Miami may keep him since the Marlins insist they are not in a complete firesale. Numbers aren’t overwhelming and his health is tenuous.

4. Cliff Lee, Philadelphia – Rangers would take him back but he is due $75 million over the next three years and the Phillies appear unwilling to help out with salary relief.

5. Ryan Dempster, Chicago – He has turned down a trade to Atlanta. Wants to go to the Dodgers. So far that hasn’t happened.



Cliff Lee would be my best pick – but, the money would limit the Ranger’s options over the next 3 years. Ryan Dempster isn’t a solution, just a band-aid. There was a reason the Rangers let him go years back and he has bounced around the league. Seems like his stuff isn’t good enough to stay anywhere so why would the Rangers think he could help them win a Series? We don’t need anyone with a history of health issues either. We have that already with Oswalt. Right now it all depends on the farm system Daniels has built. Let’s see what the kids can do for us.

Lee’s availability makes me not want him.

I think 4 better pitchers to watch are Perez, Ogando, Oswalt and Feliz.

Disagree. We need to go get a horse. Now.

Josh Johnson
JD would have given his right arm( 2 years ago ) for the chance to get his hands on this guy but my what a difference 2 years can make in how a player is viewed. Ultimately his injury issues make him too much of a risk to justify giving a primo package for.
King James Shields
Never been that hi on him, he had a great season last year, but what have you done for me lately……PASS

Cliff Lee
I might be interested but only under the right circumstances. Phillie needs to dump salary in the worst way. So a Grimm,Villinueva,Sardinas package would be the best I could do in the way of compensation in view of his salary. Then I’d be looking to dump him in the off season to recoup the prospects hall and dump salary after he gets us that first WS ring.
Zach Greinke
Really intriging, definately interested if we could work what amout to a sign and trade. Interest would be much less without an extension and certainly would not include Olt or Perez in the deal without an extension.
Ryan dempster …….Not interested

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