Rangers trade efforts, Ogando and “the difference-maker”

Here’s what is known about the Rangers and the Trade Deadline, now just one week away, with Colby Lewis out for the season…

1. The Rangers are actively staying in touch with any team that is willing to trade starting pitching but…

2. The Rangers expect to make the playoffs. Their concern is having a “difference-maker” in the playoffs and not just a body to fill a spot in the rotation for Oswalt, Perez, Feldman or Feliz.

3. That’s why Cole Hamels and maybe Zack Greinke are the ones who appeal to them more than anything out there.

4. The Rangers would love to get a great night from Feliz on Tuesday and Sunday, and one good start from Oswalt before the deadline. That would assauge the need to do something before Tuesday.

5. The Rangers aren’t going to let draft picks get in the way of acquiring a “difference maker” even if that pitcher walks away as a free agent at the end of the year.

6. Reinforcing the bullpen and putting Alexi Ogando in the rotation is a serious option that the Rangers are giving much consideration.


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