Sunday morning: Ogando,Uehara, Napoli

Rangers manager Ron Washington said that Alexi Ogando will  be activated off the disabled list on Tuesday.

Washington said there is a good possibility that Koji Uehara will be activated as well.

Mike Napoli is reporting significant improvement in his bruised right quad muscle to the point the Rangers think he’ll be ready to return to the lineup on Tuesday.


Mr. Sullivan,

First, I want to mention that I play on an adult men’s league baseball team that plays our home games in Elysian Fields, TX. Baseball on a Saturday or Sunday evening there puts us in a perfect state of mind. There’s nothing better. I do have a question, how or where can I submit a question for your Texas Rangers Inbox series that I enjoy reading via Thanks.

Rangers need both a new manager and batting coach. Whatever coolbaugh is preaching isn’t working…Hamilton is like a HS JV player at the plate. Washington just sits back and hopes things will improve. This lineup isn’t a “revealed religion”. It needs adjustment.

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