Beras signing approved but player suspended

Major League Baseball, according to Tim Brown of Yahoo, has approved the Rangers contract with outfielder Jairo Beras but has suspended the player for one year for lying about his age. The Rangers signed Beras for a $4.5 million signing bonus in March but the agreement was held up because of questions about the player’s age.

Major League Baseball is expected to make a formal announcement Thursday afternoon. The Rangers have not commented.


Awsome, Rangers just continue to ad high impact talent to an already deep farm system.
TR where does Beras fall in with the other power bats that have been added in the last 24mos
Alfaro,Brinson,Gallo,Guzman,Jarmon,Mazara and Williams. how would you rank them ?
Any opinions ?

Baseball prospectus said he’d have been a top 10 pick in this year’s draft, if eligible, despite only being old enough to have completed his Junior year.

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