Perez is official…Twitter is Madness

The Rangers sent out a release this morning.

Martin Perez is coming to Arlington tonight. He will replace somebody but the Rangers haven’t announced the corresponding move.

Perez’s agent broke the news last night by Twitter. The Rangers must have told Perez after their 8-2 loss to the Tigers. They decided they needed an extra pitcher for tonight after Michael Kirkman pitched five innings and Mark Lowe pitched three innings in relief of Justin Grimm.

That gives everybody five hours to speculate on the roster move…

Kirkman because he pitched five innings last night and won’t be available for a few days? Justin Grimm because the Rangers are going to pitch Scott Feldman on Saturday against Oakland. Is somebody else hurt?

Trust me, the Rangers aren’t happy this is out. But that is the glory of Twitter: instant headlines without the reporting, without the accountability, without facts being checked.

As the doctor said at the end of Bridge on the River Kwai


Or as the Kommadent said in the Great Escape.

“Group Captain this is insanity.”

Said Group Captain, “Quite.”



and the Group Captain & the Doctor were both played by the same actor !!

If it’s just to replace a tired bullpen, why not call up Yoshi instead of waiting a move on Perez. He needs innings not sitting around in the bullpen. Now, if they plan on giving him a start or 2, then I’m all for it.

James Donald…very good Chuck!!

Oh the humanity…in keeping with your quotes.

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