Perez a candidate to start

More from the Rangers clubhouse…

* Martin Perez is a candidate to start on Saturday, general manager Jon Daniels said. It will be either him or Justin Grimm with Scott Feldman starting on Thursday.

* The Rangers expect Colby Lewis to be back right after the All-Star break. The Rangers don’t expect it to be serious.

* Daniels said the Rangers are not looking for pitching in the trade market. They still believe they will start getting these guys back after the All-Star break.

* Craig Gentry is still out of the lineup with a sprained right ankle. Brandon Snyder is starting in right field.



You know, if you had told me that we would lose 3 starting pitchers to injury, I would’ve been in a state of panic. But, I look up and see that we still have Yu Darvish, Matt Harrison, and Roy Oswalt supported by Feldman, Perez, and Grimm until Holland and Lewis make it back. Nice depth and we should appreciate the front office for creating this. And, these little nagging injuries might keep the guys a little more fresh come this fall. This might be a very good thing. The team, while not playing their best ball, still sits on the top rung of the league. We need to get a glimpse of Martin Perez anyway. This might help him pick up his year because he hasn’t exactly been turning heads at Round Rock. And, I didn’t even mention Neftali, but he will likely be back towards the end of the summer. We are in a place that no other Rangers fans have been to before. I love the excitement and intrigue. How frustrating this must be for the Angels who are playing lights out and can’t seem to gain much ground.

Perez won’t start after his almost inning tonight. He had moments but I don;t think he’s anywhere near ready. Sadly Oswalt din’t look that hot either.

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