Monday Morning Manager…Full Strawberry Moon

So the Rangers have a 41/2 game lead under a Full Strawberry Moon. The Rangers have also played 54 gamres, which means they are one-third of the way through the season.

So you can look at everybody’s statistics and multiple them by three. Which means..

Yu Darvish and Matt Harrison are on their way to 21 wins each.

Josh Hamilton will hit 63 home runs and drive in 171 runs but Paul Konerko will win the batting title.

Nelson Cruz and Adrian Beltre will drive in over 100 runs but Michael Young will finish with 189 hits.

Oh yes, 12 wins for Derek Holland and Colby Lewis.

Joe Nathan gets 33 saves.

Check back during the Full Buck Moon in July.

It doesn’t get better than a full moon over the Golden Gate Bridge.

This team is good. They could be better.

1. Do you think the Rangers have a 20-game winner on their staff?

2. What should Jon Daniels be most concerned about right now?

3. Do you think Roy Oswalt will have a significant impact on this team?

4. How do you assess Neftali Feliz’s future?

5. What’s your take on the Angels now?




1. Maybe – Yu might win 20, can’t imagine anyone else on the staff will even get close.

2. Mitch Moreland and Mike Napoli. I’m not much of a Moreland fan, can’t put it into exact stats – but think the Rangers could do better at 1B. Napoli proved last season was an outlier (offensively) – good thing the Rangers did not sign him to a contract extension.

3. Maybe – if the Rangers put Oswalt in Derek Holland’s spot in the rotation, and send Derek back to AAA to get his act together – the long term effect could be good. Short term – hard to say – pitchers with back problems are a big, big risk.

4. Won’t speculate until we see if this injury turns into an ongoing problem, and how he pitches when he returns from the DL

5. I knew the Angels weren’t quite a bad as they played in April (and that the Rangers were quite as good as they played in April either). My thoughts before the season started was that the Angels were better than last year, and that it was going to be a close tough race, haven’t seen any reason to change my mind.

1. Harrison could do it
2. Bench players who can hit lefties
3. Oh yeah!!
4. He still has a bright future and is still young enough to develop
5. As long as the Rangers are playing “Ranger Baseball”, then the Angels can’t stop us.

1. Rangers will have 2 Twenty game winners on the staff.
2. Signing a good pinch hitter
3. No. Which is good. Not a good or BAD impact
4. Assess Feliz when he returns. Could be an issue.
5. If Rangers play to their capabilities (which they have NOT the last 20 games) no matter what the Angels do they will not catch the Rangers.

1. I think Darvish and Harrison both can do it.
2. As in the past, ANYTHING that can make a good team great.
3. If not him, then who considering Neftali’s situation?
4. I’m worried about him more mentally than anything. He continues to have things that set him back. How much can the kid take before he melts down?
5. They are a good team on a nice roll. They are lucky Vernon Wells got hurt. But, they don’t have that chemistry to get them past the Rangers. No worries. The exicetment is good.


1) Yu has a chance, depending on health and run support.

2) a simular question was asked a couple of weeks ago on Mon Morning Manager, my reply was that we needed to get as much from Lewis,Harry and Holland as we got last season,
that clearly isnt happening, the starting rotation is major right now.
a close second has to be the idiotic decisions that Washington is making right now concerning his giving so many days off this early in the season.
he is making an incorrrect assumption that a day off in april or may has the same value as a day off in august or september, which is when they will actually be needed. meanwhile he is inviting complacency in by sending the players the message that it is a forgone conclusion that we will be back in the playoffs and we dont need to be worried so much about these games we are playing now, its all about being ready when the playoffs roll around. that is a very dangerous message to send.

3) this was a good move on JD”s part, it shows he is definitely aware of where his club is right now. Roy O will have a positive impact on this team, its just a big shot in the arm adding a guy like this when your rotation is struggling.

4) Neftali just needs to get healthy, he could still be an impactful starter, we need to get to the hart of whats causing the issues with that golden arm first though.

5) they still SUCK !!

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