Rangers leading Oswalt chase

Industry sources said Tuesday afternoon that the Rangers are the leaders in the pursuit of free agent pitcher Roy Oswalt. Other teams are involved but sources said the Rangers are the likely landing spot for Oswalt. The Phillies, Dodgers, Orioles and Red Sox are also involved. Oswalt is expected to sign soon. Scott Feldman pitches for the Rangers tonight.


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Why wouldn’t the Rangers be the leaders in the “chase”? The Phillies and Dodgers are good teams. The Orioles are a typical Showalter 2nd year team which means they will be in it, but probably don’t have what it takes to take the East or a Wildcard. (I may eat my words on that later.) Finally, why would anyone want to go to the Red Sox and that chaotic atmosphere right now. The Rangers are the closest thing to the “total package”, they are close to his home, and …Nolan Ryan. See ya in Round Rock Roy. Stretch it out and then come up and have some fun in front of the run producing machine that is the Rangers’ offense.

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