Rangers will consider Oswalt

General manager Jon Daniels said the Rangers will consider signing pitcher Roy Oswalt in the wake of Neftali Feliz’s elbow injury.

“Everything is on the table,” Daniels said Monday.

Right now Scott Feldman will start on Wednesday and is considered to be the leading candidate to replace Feldman. Alexi Ogando is also a candidate but is not stretched out like Feldman. The Rangers aren’t ready to promote either Martin Perez or Neil Ramirez from Triple A.

The Rangers watched Oswalt throw last week. They also know he needs more time and would not be ready to immediately step into the rotation. But he could add depth in case the Rangers have another rotation injury down the road.

Feliz will likely be out through the All-Star break. He is not going to throw for at least four weeks and maybe longer.



I kind of like Scott Feldman in the role that he has been in. A spot starter that can fill in for someone like he has been. And he is a solid long to middle reliever as well. That is why I would sign Roy Oswalt and let Feldman pitch in the rotation until Roy O is ready. Then everybody will be back in the roles they are ment to be in. And when Nefy comes off the DL and is ready to be incerted back the rotation we can cross that bridge when we get there. But somebody by then from this current rotation will get traded and bring in another good bat. Kevin Youkilis’s name comes to mind of someone who might be a good fit at 1st base if Micth starts to struggle again. But that is just me.

Let me get this straight, Feldman is gonna replace Feldman? Damned good trick. “Right now Scott Feldman will start on Wednesday and is considered to be the leading candidate to replace Feldman.”

If the medical staff and scouting department are go on Oswalt, I’ll be glad to have him, but I’m skeptical of his back issues.

I’m really hoping the signing of Oswalt is one mistake the Rangers DO NOT MAKE. Allow him to finish the season on the dl for someone else.

The thing about Oswalt is that JD says he is not ready to pitch so it could be a month before he is ready to help. By that time, we’re almost at the All Star break and Nefti may be ready to return. But, Oswalt may be a good gamble. No one in AAA is ready to come up here and start for a contender. The skeptic in me believes Nefti is likely out for the season and he will end up having Tommy John surgery. I’m afraid if he hasn’t torn it now, he will trying to get back. He’s not yet mature enough to let the staff know when he is hurting. TGIFeldman! What a valuable commodity he is! The team will be fine with him in the rotation.

hopefully Neftali is not out for the season, but i do share the same concerns regarding his willingness to let Wash and Maddux know he”s hurt. they need to be very careful with how they handle this kid because he has all the talent in the world. they need to either tweak his delivery to relieve pressure or look seriously at returning him to the pen.
the thing that scares me is that this is the third time he”s been shut down since they have been trying to convert him back to the rotation.
his body is speaking very loudly, are the coaches really listening ??

Does everyone really believe that this guy is worth 6 to 8 million for half a season? Unbelievable! No one else even wants this guy and there have been over 500 pitchers in the bigs this year.

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