Ryan expects nothing done on Hamilton until off-season

Rangers president Nolan Ryan said he doesn’t expect Josh Hamilton’s contract situation resolved until the off-season. Ryan said the Rangers want to “put their best foot forward” but don’t know what other clubs will do. He said he expected Hamilton and his agent will test the market after the season is over.  He predicted that it will all come down “either at the end of November or December.” Hamilton is a free agent after this season.



Josh deserves the best deal he can get – it is his once in a lifetime opportunity. I pray it is with the Texas Rangers but if not, I will wish him the very best. It will break my heart to see him in any other uniform.

I resent that he’s playing hardball (not willing to negotiate during season, unlike other prominent
players), when the Rangers have tried to protect him. The only reason his stats are so high, is
due to the power laden Ranger lineup. He say’s he’s doing all this for the the Players? Yes,
sign the biggest contract, and do not leave anything left for the team to sign other players.
Its not the players’ fault, we all knew their true colors all along. Its the greedy owners, who
sign the greedy players like there is no tomorrow, and now the most common baseball value
is greed. That is why I converted to a football fan numerous years ago. Just note what baseball has become, as one of your baseball (greedy) immortals is looking at a long prison term, once
his trial concludes. I resent the players and owners for turning baseball into a zoo.

it would be hard to see Josh walk. we”ve absorbed the loss of both Lee and Wilson, but losing Josh would a hurtful lose. he along with Kinsler,Andrus and Beltre are the core of uniquely talented players who make the Rangers so diffiicult to deal with both on offense and in the field.
i have no idea what it would take to pry Jay Bruce from Cincinnati this off season. but if we cant keep Josh i would love to bring him in to rome the outfield, realistically i think we need to start thinking along the lines of replacement because someone is going to come at Josh with a staggering amount of cash in free agency.

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