Monday Morning Manager…Josh Hamilton

So at some point today, Josh Hamilton will be named the American League Player of the Week. Sorry to ruin the suspense but is there any doubt?

Plus it will give opportunity to speculate what will happen with Hamilton at the end of the season – or during the season – as far as his contract and impending free agency. That has become everybody’s favorite topic of conversation.

Not that there is much more to talk about as far as the Rangers and the current state of the American League West, especially since C.J. Wilson won’t be back until August.

It’s the middle of May, the Rangers haven’t even made one roster move yet and nobody is complaining about Joe Nathan anymore.

1. How important is it for the Rangers to re-sign Hamilton?

2. Do you think the Angels regret signing Albert Pujols?

3. Do you think C.J. Wilson deserved the reception he received this weekend at the Ballpark?

4. What American League team do you worry about the most as far as challenging the Rangers?

5. The Rangers play the Astros on Friday. Does the Lone Star series mean anything?



1. Medium Very

2. Today, yes. Very much.

3. No. Unless was a reaction to tweeting Napoli’s phone number. Have feeling people think he left. Had no choice. Rangers didn’t offer a contract.

4. Rays

5. Yes

1. If the front office likes the attendance they’ve been getting, and the national media focusing squarely on Arlington (something it doesn’t seem like they want to do even with two world series trips), then yes it is important to sign Hamilton.
2. They probably regret signing Pujols today, but probably won’t at some point.
3. No, CJ deserves better.
4. The Rays.
5. When neither team was a real threat to much of anything else it may have meant more.

To answer your first question, I feel like the same people who said that his relapse in February would cost him $50mil in contract talks… are the SAME people who are saying that we need to sign him for 6 years at $160 million. How in the world do you figure out a price for the dude?

2. Not yet. He’s arguably the greatest player in the game, even though his start is slow. He won’t stay like this forever.

3. Not personally. We wouldn’t be the team we are today without him. Thanks are in order, not boos.

4. Orioles! Kidding. Tigers. Killer lineup, killer pitching… solid team.

5. Not yet. Next year it might. And when the Astros aren’t awful, it might.

1. How important is it for the Rangers to re-sign Hamilton?
I think it is very important because he has been
on fire here lately and done a lot for the organazation the last couple of years.
2. Do you think the Angels regret signing Albert Pujols?
I think it’s too early to tell. He really hasn’t had
time to seddle in yet.
3. Do you think C.J. Wilson deserved the reception he received this weekend at the Ballpark?
Yes he help the team out a lot last year.
4. What American League team do you worry about the most as far as challenging the Rangers?
Right now the way the Rangers are playing baseball I don’t think there is a team to worry about Ron has the guys playing the best baseball I have seen in a long time from Texas, with the consistency that is.
5. The Rangers play the Astros on Friday. Does the Lone Star series mean anything?
I don’t think it does. Texas is just playing their game. I think they would rather think about going back to the series.

1) I would say that it is important, but not necessarily paramount. Look, the guy is a beast, but he is injury prone and is going to be very expensive. I doubt anyone is actually to go spring $30 million a year for a 32 year old who is going to start slowing down eventually… but is a 4/84 contract or even a 5/110 out of the range of possibility? I don’t think so. If I had to guess, Josh is going to end up going to the market to find out that he isn’t going to get $30 mil per, and then he and JD are going to have some serious talks.

2) No… I don’t. Should they? Probably. They have dumped a lot of money on a guy who is going to be “just” a DH in a couple years. If it wasn’t for last year, I think most of us would look at Pujols and say that he is just struggling to adapt to American League pitching so far… but last year happened too. Albert is getting to the point in his career that these slumps are going to start getting longer and closer together… meaning that they won’t be “slumps” anymore, but “trends”… especially if that whole age snafu last year turns out that Pujols is actually older than he was claiming to be.

3) Not necessarily… but name me another time in the Ranger’s history where the fan base had this kind of enthusiasm for the game. CJ did a lot of good things for this organization when he was here… then said some really dumb **** when he left. I think we should chalk the reaction up to people liking to hate a villain and move on.

4) The two teams that the Rangers had trouble with earlier… the Rays and Jays.

5) Yes…… it is 6 games out of 162… if at least 4 of those games aren’t wins, something has gone horribly wrong.

1. He’s the best player in baseball. It couldn’t be more important. How important was it for the Red Sox to keep Ruth ?

2. No.

3. Absolutely not !

4. Detroit

5. Yes. We need to keep up the domination so that next year they won’t have any hope of challenging us for the division.

No,cj did not deserve that booing….he did a good job for us while here. The only ex ranger we should boo is A-Rod. Booing Pujols is just plain dumb. He’s a great player…..never done anything to us. Umps and a-rod, that’s it for booing.

1. I think it’s more important as a statement to the fans than anything. The majority of the people in the stands have 32 on their t-shirts and jerseys and he’s the reason a lot of dollars are coming in through the gates. I’m not saying it’s not important from the view of the team/organization because it is but it’s not the most important thing JD has on his plate right now. You can’t make the re-signing of one player the focus of your organization, that’s how you lose focus on the big picture.
2. No, he’ll bounce back. Granted, it is one of the coldest starts ever but Albert is a proven veteran, he’ll figure out what’s wrong and when he does – watch out.
3. Yes and no. Some people recognized what he had done for the organization over the past 10 years or whatever and there’s a chance without him we didn’t make those WS runs. On the other hand, he could have handled his media time better when contracts were being discussed.
4. What do you mean by challenging the Rangers? Every team “challenges” them – but I’m guessing you mean challenging them for the league title. In that case, I’d say Tampa Bay, New York, and Detroit (and my sleeper pick, the Angels.) A lot can happen in a season, and a lot can happen in less than a season – don’t count anyone out just yet and be fearful of the big dogs that have come close to knocking us off the past couple of years.
5. Yes, the state has two baseball teams and the Lone Star Series is a healthy rivalry.

1. YES! Signing Hamilton should be job #1 until it gets done (aside from winning ballgames I guess)
2. No, the Angels don’t regret the Pujols contract yet. He’ll get better, but then won’t be worth the contract in about 5 years.
3. Not quite. CJ deserved some booing for his attitude, his actions toward Napoli, and the fact that he plays for the hated Angels. But, he was a big part of the Rangers for a while. I expected a few cheers.
4. The Rays and Tigers are the biggest threats in the AL to the Rangers.
5. I like the Lone Star Series.

2. YES! Albert is older than he claims and is simply not the player he once was. He claims that he is 31. I would not be surprised if he is 34 and is on the decline. He is not in a slump – this is a trend! 34 games and 138 at bats is not a slump. The angels are in trouble for several years due to the money they have locked up for him and Wells (33 yrs old and looks fat to me)

1. I may be in the minority here, but I think it is only important as long as the Rangers are smart and they don’t mortgage the future (see Angels and Pujols). He is a special talent, but he is not the engine that drives this team. He cannot be replaced, but he team could adjust if necessary. Sign him if you can, but don’t get stupid. We’ve all seen that before.
2. The Angels are in this too deep to regret anything. They should’ve either not signed him, or tried to do something with Trumbo and/or Morales to shore up thier bullpen. But, that Ranger envy got ’em!
3. Sure he deserved it. He’s the enemy now. Read on an Angels’ blog a recent interview about facing the Rangers and you’ll get the help you need in booing him. His arrogant swagger only plays well for his home team.
4. Tigers and Rays
5. The Lone Star series right now only means something to the lesser team. When we are in the same division, which is still awkward to me, then it will mean something more.

Sidenote: Over the past 3 games, statement made! How must the Angels feel flying out of town now? In case they didn’t get it, I did get the license number of that truck that hit ’em. TXRNGRS1.
Sidenote 2: I loved seeing those old throwback uniforms on Saturday. I grew up with those and I still love that Rangers Red, White, and Blue. It’s proof that Tom Hicks was wrong when he said the Rangers were a Blue team.

1.What is important is that if the Rangers do re-sign him, that the contract has clauses that work for both sides based on Josh’s ability to stay healthy. Josh is definitely a special player, but he also has an injury history that has to be a big factor that is considered in the negotiations, aside from all of Josh’s other issues.

2.No, not for the next couple of years, he’s just off to a slow start this season. However, in about 3-4 years, they may start to regret it.

3.No. CJ’s pitching was one of the big reasons the Rangers got to the post season the past 2 years. It’s all about business not loyalty anymore. If you were offered job security and higher salary to change jobs would you really say “no, that’s okay, I’ll take less to say here?” Not many people would – can’t blame CJ on that account.

4.Obviously, Toronto (just kidding -sort of) . As Annie Savoy said, “it’s a long season and you gotta trust it”. Still too early to start printing playoff tickets at 1000 Ballpark Way , and way too early to count any team out of the race.

5.It means the games will be played in the Central Time Zone, which is a heck of a lot better than those late night games against the rest of the AL West. While I’m not crazy about the re-alignment next season, I am pretty happy that with Houston joining the AL there will be fewer of those late night games. As for the Lone Star series, it’s always fun to watch pitchers bat.

1. i would certainly want him back, but at what cost ? i have seen comments suggesting 4yrs/100 mil and even 5yrs/110. thats not going to get it done.. Pujols and Fielder both signed for over 200 mil. Josh will be looking for as much or more. this makes it very clear why the most important name in this organization is Jon Daniels.

2. the Angels Backsides have to be killing them right about now. especially after giving Napoli away For V Wells no less. they”re like the guy in Vegas who drops $500 playing the slots, then feels he needs to bet another $500 to make it back. the whole gets deeper and deeper.

3. probably not, but man is it fun to boo an Arrogant,immature, big mouthed, self absorved, jack wagon when he comes back to town.

4. the usual suspects. Rays, Tigers and Stankees.

5. the astros are like the little kid trying hard to get the basketball from his big brother whom he idolizes. the game means the world to him. but is just an amusing way to past the time for the big brother.

i loved those old uni”s too Rodney.
i grew with them as well. it would be nice to see them more often.

2. In 1803 The United States purchased the territory of Louisiana for $15 mil, then in 1867 they purchased the Alaskan territory for $7.2 mil.
and the Angels thought it would be a good idea to give Albert Pojols $254 mil for ten yrs of under achievements. Yes they regret the heck out of it. much the same way that a dear regrets walking into traffic the moment that he see”s those headlights that he cannot avoid. But i strangely get a since of satisfaction with every strikeout,weakly hit grounder to 2nd, pop out to short and the excuse that the season is young which accompany them all.
just think, you could have had Louisiana and alaska for $22.2 mil.

1. Only if we can get him for 5/120 or less. He’s an elite talent, but not at the expense of handicapping the team towards the end of a new contract,
2. Of course they regret it. Even if he does come back and plays well the rest of the season, they have much bigger holes than 1st base. Trumbo looks like he’s going to be a beast, and now he’s a player with no position.
3. Had he done the right thing and just signed elsewhere without complaining about the Rangers on the way out, I would cheer him. I hope the booing taught him a lesson like Wash did after he grabbed him and made him hand the ball back to him.
4. Rays. It’s hard to beat a team 3 times in a row in the playoffs.
5. Always fun to beat up on the Lastros and trash talk with my buddies from Houston.

1. You don’t mortgage the future without some thought…love the guy and want him back but we will live without him if necessary.. There is life after Pujols, Wilson, Pudge or Babe Ruth.
2. Not yet…The season has just begun
3. Not classy…the fans or Wilson
4. Oakland with Seattle a close 2nd
The series means nothing to me except of course we want to win.

Booing or not booing has nothing to do with class. It is a sporting event and we get to boo the “enemy”. It really is supposed to be all in fun. What is not classy are the personal attacks and cursing that was going on while he warmed up. I think he is arrogant and a bit in love with himself. But, to be fair, C. J. didn’t want to leave here. The Rangers didn’t need him. Pinch me! I just said the Rangers didn’t need a quality starting pitcher. Is this heaven? No, it’s Arlington!

Rodney….I think I meant the name calling rather than the booo itself….of course everyone can boo…of course I slept since than and have no idea of what I meant. I really don’t like it though when someone plays for us…moves on and then………not right.

1. More important than I would like it to be. He is the team mascot and the best player in baseball, better even than Pujols . However, we do not need another A Rod contract.
2. Not yet
3. He asked for it, he got it.
4. Tampa Bay
5. Absolutely. It’s almost as good as the old Oiler / Cowboy games.

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