Monday Morning Manager….The Camera Never Blinks

So they no longer have the best record in the American League. That honor belongs to the team they are facing on Monday, managed by Buck Showalter and includes a roster of what someone said was “Texas Rangers East.”

If only the Rangers bullpen had Chris Davis. Two scoreless innings?

The Rangers aren’t worried about their bullpen, they just want Adrian Beltre back in the middle of their order and their rotation rolling again.

But what a spectacular display from fair Luna this weekend…

Personally the highlight of the weekend after the full moon was reading “Rather Outspoken” although “The Camera Never Blinks” still ranks No. 1 as far as journalistic offerings. The author of both now works for the Mavericks owner and his basketball team is toast, and some of us will miss the Jet.

But in North Texas it is now the Rangers by themselves until the next mini-camp and it is on to Texas Rangers East for four games.

1. Are you concerned about Nelson Cruz?

2. What ex-Rangers pitcher do you root more the most: R.A. Dickey or C.J. Wilson?

3. What ex-Rangers manager do you root for the most: Bobby Valentine or Buck Showalter?

4. What’s your take on the Angels?

5. What should be the Rangers biggest concern right now?




5. The rangers biggest fear should be the Oakland A’s. If they can stay close as they have, when Manny shows up in a few weeks, watch out.

1. I think Nellie would benefit from a day off.
2. I don’t really root for RA, but I would boo CJ.
3. Buck has been doing a great job. I can’t stand Bobby V.
4. I think the Angles will come around and make things interesting very soon
5. In consistent offense and lack of bench depth.

1. Would like to see Nellie moved down in the lineup until his bat gets going.
2. Neither
3. AFTER we play this series, it is Buck.
4. Don’t care what or how the Angels do as long as we maintain this lead.
5. Ready for them to start firing on all cylinders again. They seem to be out of sync.

2. RA
3. BV
4. Highly overrated.
5. the entire OF situation

1. Yes, he’s a streaky hitter, but doesn’t look like a hot streak is anywhere in sight.

2. R.A. will be interested to read his book, gotta love a pitcher who reinvents a la Charlie Hough to the knuckleball. (CJ lost me as a fan with the Napoli “prank” – it was out of line)

3. Buck: he helped set the Rangers on the track to success, love seeing the O’s doing well, Bobby should have stayed in Bristol.

4. Like the Rangers: their record does not reflect their actual talent/abilities – they are better than their record, Rangers may not be as good as theirs.

5. Not sure, but they looked like a team that’s been sleepwalking through this road trip. Bothers me that losing one player (Beltre) can affect the offense so much – that’s scary. Still not sold on Mitch Moreland, wish that Holland and Harrison would show a little more consistency.

1. I’m not worried about Nelson Cruz. He’ll be fine. It’s a long season.
2. CJ worked his butt off when he was here. He’s a good pitcher. but I like that Dickey reinvented himself.
3. Bobby V…..V ball was fun. Just like CJ though he’s quite a personalty for Texas to absorb.
4. I remember you asking this about the Yankees last year and I think my response was they’ll work out of it.
5. They’re fine…but in baseball you always have to worry about injury. But if I had a worry it’s the American league West… Oakland, Seattle and LA are all teams to reckon with.

1) .the problem with streak hitters is when it goes, often times it goes quickly, he”s a mechanical nightmare. but give it a little more time. if he”s not hitting by 50 games in. TROUBLE !

2) .this is an easy one. R.A DICKEY

3) Bobby V made a statement shortly after he and Grieve traded Sammy Sosa. that he just didnt think the kid would ever hit big league pitching. howd that work out Bob ?
give me Showalter !

4) angels played well above their heads last year, if the play to their talent this season they should win 84 – 88 games.

5) . we need Lewis,Harry & Holland to give us at least what we got from them last season. Neffy growing up would be huge too. i think we may have struck gold with Darvish.

1. yes, but we have no viable alternatives. boom stick or swoon stick
2. dickey.
3. i hate the Red Soc. so Buck by default.
4. please can the whole state of California just fall into the pacific ? they have been prediction that for years and it has yet to happened
5. does MY have more concrete in his shoes or his glove ?

1. Nellie will get it together. It is a long season.
2. R.A. Dickey, but let’s be honest, C.J. did more than what was asked of him here and we only hate him because he is an Angel.
3. Bobby V. Some of you guys forget how Buck completely lost the clubhouise here. When he left, this team was in shambles.
4. I respect their talent, but they do not have the chemistry or the bullpen to overtake the Rangers.
5. Biggest concern is not to let the down times psych them out. Wash will see to it that the wheels don’t fall off this wagon. They will be right there in the end.

2a. …..okay….hate is a strong word….we only boo him because he’s an Angel. Swagger only plays well for the home team.

One last thing. Baltimore is the Rangers’ AAAA team. I hope we sweep, but I root for them the rest of the way. I’m sure some of those guys learned some valuable clubhouse lessons that they’ve taken to Camden Yards.

1. Nellie would benefit from being dropped in the order. I’d move Murphy up to Nellie’s spot, then Napoli, Moreland and Nellie. He has no clue what he’s doing right now.
2. RA Dickey. I’m hissing at CJ, when I get a chance.
3. Can we go with Narron? :)
4. They’re better than they’re showing at the moment, but they’re not as good as some people wanted to make them out to be, before the season started. That’s why we play the game.
5. Finding a way to sign Josh long-term, determining what to do about Nellie (now and long-term) and whether Harry & Feliz are going to right the ships.

1. No. He’s had rough patches before and he’ll have them again. He also goes through crazy periods of run production and one of those should be just around the corner.
2. Dickey.
3. Neither.
4. They’ll be a factor in the West before it’s all said and done. I can’t see them hanging out 7+ games behind all year long with that rotation.
5. Health.

1. Of course, everyone is always concerned about Cruz, but eventually he always proves that we are over reacting!
2. I root for Pedro Strop. And not all of us just “hate” CJ just because he is an Angel. Many Rangers fans were ready for him to put on another team’s colors long before he did, based on his demeanor, and his poor showing in the past 2 post seasons.
3. Buck Showalter for sure. Bobby V. is still Bobby V.
4. I’m beginning to think the Angels will never see 1st place this year, because they are digging themselves a pretty deep hole, even if it is still early yet.
5. Based on the numbers, I think the Rangers biggest concern right now should be keeping Adrian Beltre both healthy, and in the line up at the same time.

1. Are you concerned about Nelson Cruz?

No. Plug him in and just go away. It’ll all be ok come October.

2. What ex-Rangers pitcher do you root more the most: R.A. Dickey or C.J. Wilson?

CJ. I remember RA was a Ranger, but he never really had the chance to contribute here.

3. What ex-Rangers manager do you root for the most: Bobby Valentine or Buck Showalter?

Bobby V. C’mon… the dude had the kahunas to call out Yuke (even if he did get Pedroia’d afterwards). Yuke was one of the leaders of this team last year – the same team that may have had the greatest single month meltdown in the history of the game. And, Yuke didn’t fix it. So, Yuke should answer for it.

4. What’s your take on the Angels?

As long as Scioscia has Hatcher as his hitting coach, he doesn’t care about offense. He’s all about pitching and catching and doesn’t even realize – ya gotta score more than the other team does! Hello?

Time to fire Mikey and bring in someone who can get something out of that stable of REALLY GOOD hitters they have there. Just look at what happened to Napoli when he got out from under Scioscia’s glare.

5. What should be the Rangers biggest concern right now?

Keeping Josh Hamilton’s contract under A-Fraud’s…

1. No concern this is just Cruz. He’s a low .230 hitter who strikes out almost 4:1 to drawing a walk. If not for his twice a streaks he wouldn’t even be in the majors. Did I mention he’s slow, poor glove and doesn’t seem to really understand tha game too many times?
2. CJ, he’s kinda flakey but I stilll think he should have been shown more respect last year during contract negotiations.
3. Buck, I still remember Bobby and House dismantling a team I thought might go somewhere. Have yo9u noticed no other teams have their pitchers throwing footballs.
4. I just hope they stay in this funk another couple of months. They’re too good and Albert too awesome to play at this level for much longer. Texas needs to build as a lead over them as they can while they’re floundering.
5. Re-signing Hamilton – period. Without Josh we don’t go the WS in 2010 and maybe not in 2011 not to mention we’d be several games down in the win column without him this year. He is without a doubt the core of the team and our one true SuperStar and I don’t use that term lightly.

You must have 9 lives,a rabbits foot in your pocKet and ate all of your spinach this morning, you have to be the luckiest guy in the state of Texas. SAVED BY THE RAIN.
only mother nature could saved you from the thrashing that you so richly deserve. I WAS ON THE BRINK OF ECSTACY WE THE RAINS CAME AND RESCUED YOU.

If you had been watching, we never got the ball out of the infield off CJ and all three ground ball hits (the one at 2nd should have been called an error0 were lightly hit at that plus a walk. That we cleared the bases classifies as the rabbits foot. I would have preferred the rains stayed away and we had a good ballgame.

I did watch the game, and those excuses you have for CJ sound a lot like the one’s he gave for himself last post season and after any big game that he pitches, hey i dont actually dislike CJ, but when a guy constantly shoots off his mouth it makes it easy to poke fun when his butt can”t cash the check that his mouth writes. he”ll get a chance to redeem himself Saturday at noon. but if i know CJ he will be a no show for that game too.
what excuse will be given then ? .

5 ) biggest concern. Lewis, Harry & Holland, we need them to do as much this season as they did last. i think Holland still has a tremendous amount of upside and will be the same stud as he was last season. but i dont know about Lewis and Harry.
it is my belief that we are making a philosophical mistake in not starting Ogando even tho he is clearly one of the 4 most capable starting pitchers on this roster.
whatever mojo that Lewis and Harrison had going last season did not follow them into 2012.
i like something that Bill Parcells said when he took over the head coaching duties for the Cowboys, he said regardless of past achievements,veterans had to show him each season that they could still do it. I have my doubts if Lewis or Harrison proved that they should have been included in this seasons rotation coming out of spring training based on performance. i do understand that my opinion here may not be a popular one and if anyone reads this post it will likely be met angrily by posters who question my knowledge of the game. but i am much to old to be concerned about that, as unpopular as my view may be.
and i do understand that i may very well be over reacting to 8 below par starts between the two, but if it continues this will definitely need to be adressed. just as Rich Hardin was not allowed to continually under perform in 2010.
lets not fall in love with guys because of past success.
i think we can learn from the Angels concerning that, I.E. Pujols,Wells and Abreau.

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