Feliz Next Start Pushed Back

The Rangers have pushed RHP Neftali Feliz next start back to Tuesday May 1st in Toronto, he was supposed to start Saturday night against Tampa Bay at the Ballpark.  The Rangers said they want to give him extra rest early in the season, and he is availabe to pitch out of the bullpen for tonight’s game against the Yankees.

More on the website later.


Feliz needs extra rest so he’s’ available to play tonight out of bullpen? Thought he was being rested? Smells fishy on the surface.

I guess resting Feliz means Darvish pitches saturday, right?

Throwing a single inning amounts to a side session in between starts without the wear and tear of 100+ pitches. Limiting his innings now could help him stay strong down the stretch.

It’s one of the things I admire about Ron Washington. Pacing his players so they’re not burnt out in July and August!

Great move. Shows Wash is learning as he goes. Now if he would just quit using the back end of the bullpen so much so he doesn’t wear out Adams and Nathan.

i for one am just glad we have a plan for Feliz”s transition that wasn’t in place last year for Harrison, Holland and Ogando.
its just smart management though i”m not sure who”s brainchild this was.
i would like to have seen what a fresher Harrison,Holland & Ogando may have been able to last year in our quest for that illusive WS championship ring.
also i”m super excited to think about what this rotation is capable of doing, i might just a homer here but i think our nucleus of Holland, Darvish, Harrison and Feliz has as high a ceiling as any rotation in baseball. love you C Lewis
keep it going Rangers.

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