Boras: Michael Gonzalez getting close

Agent Scott Boras, in town for Ivan Rodriguez’s retirement ceremony, said left-handed reliever Michael Gonzalez is close to being fully recovered from off-season knee surgery. Gonzalez, who is a free agent, is starting to throw bullpens for interested teams.

“He should sign in the next ten days,” Boras said.

Gonzalez spent the last month of the 2011 season with the Rangers and was on their post-season roster. The Rangers offered him a Minor League contract in Spring Training but he declined it.



Nothing like an “agent” putting some info out there to nudge someone into signing his client. Good media manipulation. It’s why Boros is….Boros. On a lighter note, watching Pudge’s retirement press conference was very interesting. It brought me a little perspective. Look how easy it is to win fans over. Just be a little human, show you enjoy the game and play like it is much more to you than just a business. That was Pudge. It is a pleasure to be his fan. Seeing him with his kids up there reminds me that we do a lot of talking about a lot of players. But, in the 2-10 years that we follow them as players, we don’t always consider that they are humans just like us with families, dreams, and lives outside of baseball. We should really enjoy these times with this team. There is the potential that we’ll see several press conferences like this with players from this current roster in 10-20 years. So, enjoy the memories they are making right now! roster

Nicely said Rodney.

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