Rodriguez to retire with the Rangers

Former Rangers catcher Ivan Rodriguez is going to retire from Major League Baseball. He will do it with the Rangers. Rodriguez, according to club officials, will officially retire in pre-game ceremonies before Monday’s game with Yankees. Rodriguez last played for the Nationals but was with the Rangers in 1991-2002, playing in ten All-Star Games.



Greatest catcher of all time and one of my favorite players of all time. See you in the Hall Pudge.

Game changer. (Was Sundberg, but could hit more…)

Thank you Pudge….you were the face of the franchise on its way up towards where it is today.

Too young for a proper perspective on Bench but Pudge was easily the best catcher I ever saw personally.

I saw a lot them Hefe and all I know is that sentimentally Pudge was my favorite. That throw to first was awesome!

I am old enough to have seen quite a few of the best catchers in baseball play in their prime, Pudge is definitely in the top 2. And without a doubt the best “homegrown” Ranger ever. If they don’t retire #7 Monday night (or soon thereafter) Nolan and company will get an earful from me!

Hopefully that’s in the works, Marla.

i will never forget the first time i saw Pudge play, his rookie campaign and the Rangers playing the White sox at Komisky park. Pudge threw out the first attempted base thief by 25Ft. i will never forget the look on the guys face. i saw Bench in the latter stages of his career, so i cant really compare the two, but Pudge certainly was the greatest that i had the opportunity to see other than bench.
Thanks for the memories Pudge

Pudge is one of the first players I remember seeing in person whose charm, killer skills, and pure enjoyment of the game was just awe-inspiring. It brings me such joy that he’s coming home to retire. Bless you, Pudge for bringing so much to the game and its fans for so many years!

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