Rangers sign Kinsler to extension

The Rangers have signed infielder Ian Kinsler to a five-year deal worth $75 million with an option for a sixth year. He is signed through this year and the new contract kicks in for 2013. Kinsler will undergo a physical on Tuesday and an announcement is expected on Wednesday.



Good move keeping their core guys together for an extended run.

Great news


EXCELLENT! I am so happy for both Ian and for the Rangers!!!

Is it me or does it feel like winning is NOT going away anytime soon? I love how everyone talks about the Angels but the last time I checked, the Angels were trying to catch the Rangers. Pujols and C.J. over the winter did not cause the Angels to suddenly pass the Rangers. They just gave them a better opportunity in their chase. Let’s not forget that. There is something special going on here that is going to last beyond this and the last two years. At some point MLB must give this organization the respect it is currently earning.

That will happen right after our fans believe. I’m sooooo tired of the negativity from our own fans.

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