Of Opening Day, Paschal Moons and Economic Mid-Terms

So at the midnight hour on Thursday we know that three things are approaching…

There is the matter of 1.) Opening Day at the Ballpark in Arlington, 2.) a Paschal moon rising to herald Good Friday and the Resurrection on Sunday and 3.) today is the deadline for the Rangers to sign Ian Kinsler to a contract extension.

Since contract talks have dominated the Rangers landscape throughout Spring Training, it seem only appropriate that this go right down to the wire or beyond. Not sure who is throwing out the first pitch today or who is singing the national anthem but certainly understand that Kinsler is 1.) signed through this year, 2.) has a $10 million option for next season before becoming a free agent and 3.) compares favorably to Dan Uggla, Chase Utley and Robinson Cano.

Leury Garcia and Jurickson Profar figure in all of this somehow as the Rangers infielders of the future but they are still under 21 and playing at Double A Frisco this season.

By the way, just in case all the negotiation blow-by-blow details of the negotiations haven’t been on Twitter by now, part of all of this has been some discussion about the possibility of Kinsler moving to the outfield some day.

Actually nobody really knows what all is being discussed, only bits and pieces other than both sides are still talking. The Rangers are still taking the company stance that they don’t expect any contract extensions beyond Opening Day but it’s Easter weekend and it’s the time for miracles.

Also Opening Day but let’s not get distracted by the trivial. Actually did that 31 years ago when I was just a year or two older than Profar and Garcia are now.

That was in 1981, deciding in my final semester at the University of San Francisco to skip a crucial Economics mid-term to go to Opening Day at Candlestick Park: Vida Blue for the Giants and John Curtis for the Padres. By the way, if in case you have never heard of John Curtis, he was a decent left-handed pitcher who, while pitching in the Major Leagues, aspired to be a sportswriter.

Seriously. He actually worked for the San Francisco Examiner in the off-season as a sportswriter. Haven’t run across a baseball player since then that wants to become a sportswriter although now that everybody has Twitter, you can do both if you can hit or throw a curveball.

Anyway, there was no real debate about mid-term vs. baseball game. Back then Opening Day used to trump Economics, even if it was a mid-term and even if it was the only class standing in the way of the diploma. All the other fun Catholic stuff like Latin, Logic and Ethics were out of the way.

Now it seems that Economics triumphs over all else but it was Albert Camus who said, “It’s a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money.”

So anyway it was off to Candlestick and the Giants lost to the Padres, 4-1, in 12 innings. Two months later, in another twist of economic irony, all Major League players were on strike anyway and there was no baseball to watch during that infamous 51 day walkout. Sometime during that time, somebody packed up and headed off to Texas to try and become a real sportswriter.

Now, 31 years later, it remains an elusive goal but this Twitter thing has real possibilities. You just have to learn to type with the thumb, which shouldn’t be too hard since using just two fingers for three decades (right middle and index) seems to have worked out well to this point.

 Leury Garcia and Jurickson Profar won’t ever have to learn to type and probably won’t ever have a desire to become a sportswriter. But Economics seem always to be an appropriate class for anybody.

Me personally, I prefer watching Opening Day in the afternoon and the Paschal moon rising at night but that final grade of D in Economics shows you what I know.


Happy Triduum TR. Can’t wait to see what this season has in store for us. Nothing beats the energy of opening day. Seems like not too long ago I could actually get tickets to opening day.

Let the games begin! Woof!

I am certainly happy you made that trek to Texas back in ’81! I really enjoy your writings!

I actually cheated on the ‘holding my breath until Ian is signed’ threat – just could not risk missing this season of Rangers Baseball glory! Sure hope to see something about it being done from you in the next few hours though.

Reckless Kelly is singing the anthem, if you cared.

And it was wonderful!

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