The Morning Nine…The Road to Las Vegas

1. The drive from Phoenix to Las Vegas on US 93 through the mountains of Northern Arizona? Absolutely spectacular.

2. Brandon Snyder, who hit a home run against the Dodgers on Friday, is an interesting player. In addition to playing first and third, he can also catch and the Rangers are working him in the outfield.

3. The Rangers got him from the Orioles, who drafted him as the 13th overall player in 2005. He’s got some right-handed power although the bat hasn’t come on as expected. He hit .261 with 14 home runs, 71 RBI and a .406 slugging percentage. Also 91 strikeouts against 31 walks. He was 3-for-13 with a double for the Orioles.

4. Ian Kinsler, talking about the Rangers offense on the MLB Network: “It’s devastating. That’s what’s so fun about hitting leadoff for this team. If I can get on base somehow, whether it be an error or walk or hit by pitch or whatever it is to get on first base, I feel like I got a really good chance of scoring a run. It’s a lot of fun with the guys behind me moving me with Elvis (Andrus). Basically, the next six guys can power a ball in the gap and score me from anywhere, so it’s a lot of fun to be a part and it makes for very interesting games.”

5. Saturday’s game at Surprise Stadium against the Diamondbacks is already a sellout. Only a limited number of standing room only tickets are left.

6. The Rangers game with the Cubs in Las Vegas marks the first time they’ve ever played in Nevada. Last year they marked a first by playing an exhibition game in South Carolina.

7. This is the first time the Rangers have gone out of state in the middle of Spring Training since a two-game series with the Astros in Houston in 1994.

8. MLB Network analyst Larry Bowa on the Rangers: “I think this team is better right now than they were last year. We know how tough it is to get to the World Series. They did it twice. I look for this ballclub to have a better year this year than they did last year.”

9. Anybody notice that US highways and state highways are much more scenic and much more fun to drive than interstate highways.



Now there’s a blast from, the past TR….Small highways rahter than the interstate! On our way down to Florida recently we took the so called back roads…wonderful! On the way back…the interstate……boring.

I-35 to Austin is faster but US 281 is much better

35 is only faster if there is not construction or traffic…….which……anyone who has made that drive knows what I’m sayin’……….281 is a great drive.

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