The Morning Nine from Surprise…Saint Modest

 Nine items on the Feast of St. Modest

 1. Yu Darvish is making celebrities out of everybody. Rookie pitcher Justin Miller is in big demand just because he has a locker next to Darvish in the Rangers clubhouse. Said Miller, “I’m becoming a big celebrity in Japan. I’ve been interviewed by every TV station and newspaper. I’ll have to start learning Japanese. I don’t know any words but by the end of Spring Training I’ll know a few.”

 2. Derek Holland on the media obsession with Darvish: “It seems like people forget about the rest of the team. We’ve got a lot of talented players. Yu is a great player but we’ve got a lot of other guys.”

 3. Conor Jackson’s father played the role of Admiral Chegwidden on the TV series JAG.

 4. Rangers pitcher Greg Reynolds, who was drafted by the Rockies with the second overall pick by Stanford in 2006, was recruited out of his Northern California high school to play quarterback at several Division I schools.

 5. Pitcher Jacob Brigham is the nephew of former White Sox catcher Ron Karkovice.

 6. The Rangers have never had a Cy Young Award winner. At least one respected voice in the front office thinks that Darvish will win one in the next five years.

 7. Manager Ron Washington on the heightened media interest in camp: “This comes with success. People are interested in the Texas Rangers and we’ve just got to deal with it.”

 8. The Rangers complex in Surprise is in the far northwest area of the greater Phoenix area. The Cubs are in Mesa, on the southeast side. It is a 47 mile drive, the longest between two complexes in Arizona. There are several drives in Florida that are over 200 miles.

 9. Yes Joe Nathan is the only Major League player ever to come from the State University of New York-Stony Brook. Joy Behar and Dr. Laura are also from there. Nathan has his degree in business management.

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