Multiple clubs interested in Uehara

Rangers sources said multiple clubs are talking to them about reliever Koji Uehara. The Athletics are one team but a source said, “other clubs involved too.”

At this point, club sources said they “don’t know” if they can conclude a deal for Uehara. A month ago club officials indicated there was a good chance Uehara could be traded. He turned down a trade to the Blue Jays earlier this off-season.

The Orioles have shown interest in Uehara, who is scheduled to make $4 million this year. The Rangers are looking for multiple prospects in return.

If they could unload Uehara’s salary, it could put them in a position to pursue left-handed free agent reliever Michael Gonzalez.


That Oakland system is loaded.

Koji has to be traded. He will be unhappy unless he’s in Baltimore. Knowing this, why jeopardize the season by not trading him back to Baltimore. Trade him for Josh Bell, sign Mike Gonzalez, and move on.

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