“Good chance” Uehara gets traded

According to Major League sources, there is a “pretty good chance” that reliever Koji Uehara is going to get traded soon. The Rangers, who acquired him from the Orioles on July 30 for Tommy Hunter and Chris Davis, would likely get prospects in return.

The Rangers had a deal worked out with the Blue Jays but Uehara exercised his limited no-trade clause on that one. There are still a number of teams that are interested in Uehara and the Rangers like what they are hearing as far as what they can get in return.

Uehara has become available since the signing of Yu Darvish because the Rangers have told Alexi Ogando there is a good chance that he could end up back in the bullpen.

Club officials also admit the Rangers are exploring the possibility of signing free agent pitcher Roy Oswalt because the price has come down and he wants to pitch in Texas. He also wants to start and the Rangers don’t have room in the rotation.

The Rangers view him as a luxury item as protection against injury. But if nobody gets hurt, the Rangers know the situation might get “messy.”



How about we trade Koji to the Orioles for Chris Davis and Tommy Hunter. No need to sign Oswalt and we have insurance at 1st base.

There’s already no need to sign Oswalt and they insurance at first right now.

I really hope we don’t trade Koji. Honestly, I love the guy and I think that one bum season shouldn’t be enough to give him the boot. I think it’s awesome that he and Tateyama have played baseball together since High School in Osaka. Now that Yu is here maybe it will help Koji improve having another countryman in the clubhouse, who knows? I say bring Oswalt and move Alexi down with Koji, Tateyama, Kirkman and the lot. There’s nothing wrong with too many sharp knives.

I hope you realize I was kidding Hefe. The unfortunate thing about this situation is that we will not get nearly as much in return for Koji as we gave up for him.

Good to know!

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