Darvish signs…six year contract…deal is done


…and now the haters can come out and second guess Daniels and Ryan before the kid even throws a pitch for us.

Yu-betcha! I can’t wait until he pitches and the stadium is filled with Yuuuuuuuu! This is exciting. The Angels’ fans have to talk bad because even before Darvish signed, I think the Rangers still have an edge in player to player overall matchups. Yes, the Angels’ starting staff appears daunting, but the did at the beginning of last season too. Look how that turned out. I’m starting to come around on the idea of Fielder in this lineup. I wonder if the Rangers and Fielder feel the same way. Might more good news be coming down the pike?

I have never heard of this guy and I hope he works out. But is there something we do not know about his character… Shows up at the airport with a t-shirt promoting marijuana. “I WILL SURVIVE” with the picture of a pot plant.

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