Darvish not done and not guaranteed

Wednesday morning. The sun has come up but Yu Darvish and the Rangers have not reached an agreement yet.

At this moment, they still have 81/2 hours to get it done.

The word this morning is the Rangers optimism has waned a bit. The two sides negotiated late into the night and there are definitely still some differences that have cooled the Rangers optimism.

They still hope to get something done before the 4 p.m. deadline.

But remember Prince Fielder is still out there. There are those who would rather see the Rangers come away with Fielder rather than Darvish, and stay with the current rotation.

Of course there are some who think the Rangers should sign both. There are no deadlines with Fielder. The issue right now is Darvish and a long day ahead for many.

Will it get done? Probably. But the feeling at the Ballpark is it is no longer a sure thing.


Isn’t it Wednesday morning??

Would Fielder with no Yu mean Hamilton could stay?

I really don’t want to see another Scott Boras client in Texas… Fielder is good right now, but I would hate for the Rangers to be on the hook for $20million a year to a guy who is going to be a DH in five years. Let Moreland play… then you get a Prince Fielder-type player for less than half the same amount of money.

LOL imagine if the Marlins walk of with Darvish

Considering this is impossible based on the way the posting system works, I would probably LOL.

Morlands wrist is hurt and likely will not be ready to play when the season starts.

Moreland is ahead of schedule last I heard. He was never in jeopardy of not starting the season but may have to take it easy early in the spring.

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