Darvish negotiations continue

The Rangers are continuing their discussions with Yu Darvish’s agents as we move to four hours until deadline. There is still optimism that the deal will get done. But nothing has been finalized yet and things still to work out. The clock continues to tick.

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this is a high stakes game of chicken.
which side will cave in to the other sides demands first ?
i”m glad we have Fielder and a capable rotation to fall back on.
Which by the way, may be the best way to go anyway.
Ultimately i think it gets done by 4pm though.
While Darvish could go back to Japan and be free in 2014, while earing $6-7
Mil annually over the next 2 years.
if the Rangers are offering say $10-11
mil he might bite on it (not wanting to wait on free agency to get a raise)
i just hope we can get it done so we can move on with our plans,
which might still include a certain awsome first baseman from Milwaukee.

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