Daniels on Fielder

Jon Daniels, off camera, on the Rangers chances of pursuing Prince Fielder:
“I’m intimately aware of our budget and it’s very unlikely.”


Thats too bad, because i believe it would place us in position to win 2 maybe 3 World Series.
Would it make a mess of our payroll situation for the near future ? Probably
but what price are you willing to pay to see that happen ?
The Marlins have 2 WS Championships and last i checked they didnt receive the death penalty as a company in doing so.
I say go for it while the window is open and deal with consequences later. JUST WIN BABY

With the front office philosophy of sustained winning over a long period of time, I would respectfully disagree with your approach samster. I want this team to be a contender for the next decade and beyond. We have to look beyond this current “window” and see this team competitive after Hamilton, Young, Cruz, and maybe even Kinsler are gone. That’s what they appear to be building here and that is what I want to see. If it works, we may see more than two championships.

Would I like to see them get Fielder? Absolutely.

That said, I don’t think I would want them to mortgage the farm for him, as good as he may be.

That said, the Rangers do have a lot of upcoming money they’ll be getting from television contracts, so if they could possibly backload some of the Fielder money, they may be able to do it.

Taking that into consideration, we also have to prepare for re-signing core players, which probably won’t be cheap, either.

Rodney . . . i have been a Rangers fan for 40 years now, and we have been building for the future during most of that time.
Remember how we were going be a contender when David Clyde,Tommy Boggs & Roy Smalley were in their prime ? then we were going to compete when Danny Darwin, Brian Allard and John Henry Johnson formed a core that would prove be Yankee killers. remeber DVD.
and when things didnt go as advertised they just sold us on another dream with no realistic hope of those dreams coming true because the facts were we didnt actually have a team capable of competing with the Yankees,Red Sox,Royals and A”s.
We now are not only competitve but are standing here on the cusp of DYNASTY, thats right i said the D word, and we have been sold on so many dreams that we do not realize the opportunities wich lie ahead may never present themselves agaiñ.
This notion of not signing Fielder because we dont want to break up the core is not realistic given the nature of proffesional sports todaý.
rosters change yearly,monthly and even weekly due to natural atrition of competition, injuries and other factors

1) The Rangers may not be able to keep this core together for an extended run just base on the nature of this business WIN OR LOSE. as Fred so eloquently stated in a recent post players owe it to their familes to test the waters of free agency.

2) Jon Daniels built this roster and farm system from almost nothing in a matter of a few years, so making a bold move such as signing Fielder cannot be classified as morgaging the future given his ability to construct a roster.

3) Daniels has built a top rated farm system, and the ownership group is totally committed to talent acquisition no matter where they have to go to get that talent and the money to back up that commitment, so if we lose a couple of core guys as a result of making a move that wins a WS he will be able to replace said player with equal or greater talent

money will be coming off the books if need be in the next few years, that is a certainty, we have a farm that should be capable of replenishing the roster from a talent standpoint, this also seems to be rather certain.
in view of how the new ,CBA favors large market franchises What i”m not so certain of is how long it takes us to get back this point if things dont workout because of playing it safe.


who stands in our way if we sign the Prince ? i think he slashes 326/50/152 and wins the AL MVP as well as leading us to our first WS championship and he clearly wants to be here.
i think he takes a shorter term say 4 for $85 mil or 5 for $105 mil to be here bases his current market and his desire to win

Samster, I’ve been with the Rangers as long as you. What is going on here is NOT the same as the stuff you have referred to. First, you are applying the promises of the Hicks era to the 70’s and 80’s and the culture around here was not that. As quick as David Clyde was here, he was gone. There was no anticipating his prime. The same goes for Boggs and Smalley. We never felt we were on the cusp of a championship with Darwin, JH Johnson, and Brian Allard. They just happened to be the best prospects that the Rangers had going. They were hope for the future but nothing else. While they were projected to be good players, the success of the team was not placed on their development. It just wasn’t like that back then. By the way, your posts are eerily “d’godish”.

Next, you are missing the point of the goal of this franchise. That is sustained winning over a long period of time while not being tied down by long term contracts that stunt the growth of any franchise. What might 2017 look like with Darvish, Beltre, and Fielder contracts not to mention any of the other core that may get locked up during that time? We don’t want the franchise to ever get handcuffed by bad contracts that cause a total demolition and start over. I think the front office philosophy is to replace pieces as needed and keep the roster stocked with talent even if it means some players will rotate on out of here before their time. (See Braves model of the 90’s). They are trying to find a good balance and I think they are on the right track. Your philosophy is currently embraced by the Angels and just watch and see what happens to them in the next few years. I predict 2-3 years they are in big trouble with no financial flexibility to acquire what they need. They will sink to the kind of mediocrity that we have seen in past Rangers teams.

Finally, having said all of that, I hope they can sign Fielder if it is in the best interest of not only now but the future. If not, this team is primed and ready to contend for the title again this year. What do you say you are TIRED OF WAITING? The culture of winning that we longed for since childhood is here. Sit back and enjoy it. As Newberg has said on his blogs; THESE are the good ‘ole days. Enjoy the ride!

Important questions: Do we shout Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu when he has two strikes, with every out, or what? What will be the most appropriate use of the Yu cheer?

Rodney i assure you that i am not the D God person you refer to so please do not associate me with this person, i have been posting here for approximately 3 months and to my nowledge have never as much as read won of his posts, and i truly enjoy this site because of all of the well informed Rangers fans who post here, i certainly consider you one of the better posters.
I just dont think that signing Prince Fielder constitutes a morgage of the future, given the demonstrated abilities of our front office to construct a Roster and do so with financial responsibility , Rodney you just said that you hope that we sign the Prince if its best for both now and the future,
Which is what i have said. the difference being that i believe JD can do so in such a way that it doesnt demolish the future.

By the way the players mentioned above were indeed sold as dreams for the future.
those dreams have finally come true and it is time take advantage of the window of opportunity that lies ahead by putting the final pieces in place. kinda like Jerry Jones did in adding Charles Haley to an already talented group of Cowboys

Now lets talk about our front office philosophy that you speak of.
it has been marked by a series of risky moves involving high upside talent acquisitions , not by playing it safe. some have worked out some have not
Josh Hamilton was a risky acquisition with high upside potential, so was the Beltre signing as well as the Darvish venture. we also could have played it safe by holding on to Texeira but we made another risky move which offered a high upside return which included bringing Andrus, Feliz,Harrison and Mendez to town.
not to mention the signing of Leonys Martin,Nomar Mazara,Ronald Guzman and Yohander Mendez all in the last 18 mos. none of which demolished the future of this franchise. so lets have a good understanding not only of what the front office philosophy has been but also what the mode of operation has been.
JD has shown an ability to succeed in various ways not conifned one particular MO. early in his tunure he made low risk/high upside acquisitions bringing in Gagne,Cruz,loften,Sosa and trying to flip them as well as drafting well. lately we have seen him move into the free agent arena with such signings as the latin American Prospects, Beltre and Yu Darvish so i would not at all be shocked to see us sogn Mr Fielder

what am i waiting for ? A WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP !!
Look its great to have a good team with a winning culture but i enjoyed the Rick Carlilse Mavs much more than the Don Nelson Mavs. nothing wrong with the Nelson mavs but the object is to win the whole thing !!
who want to be the mid 70″s Vikings or the late 80″s early 90″s Bills ? good teams that came away with broken hearts

O”h by the way great points by YU Rodney.
signed not D GOD

Rodney…let’s give Sam a break on being D’god. I’ll recognize him when I see him.

Sam …you really have to go back about 4 or 5 months in the archives to read some D’god posts. He was a pain in our backside. I finally got him banned for a particularly raw post that was directed at me. MLB thought it was time for him to leave the house. He had a bad habit of posting in three posts at a time and talking about the 70’s. He also hated that we ever in the course of Ranger history ever traded a pitcher. As a note of some importance he was a senior police officer in a DFW area force. I’m avoiding that particular city in my travels.

Rodney….be there for game three and I think you can do the YU chant whenever you want. (sorry for that)

Happy days for the Rangers…less than a month before Pitchers and Catchers report. Let’s hope we get thru Spring Training with no injuries…and my favorite wish let’s hope we can tie up Hamilton and Napoli to some long term paper. It was time…and still is!

We should bolster the batting order without focusing on Fielder. Believe we need to improve center field more than we need to improve first base.

Great response Samster….well played. First, it is impossible for either of us to make the call on whether or not the Rangers can get a deal done with Fielder that won’t mortgage the future. We don’t know for sure how far financially the Rangers can go. And, we don’t know how badly Fielder wants to play here or how low the baseball antichrist agent of his will let him go to do that. So, we have to trust JD and the rest of the front office on this one. I’ll give you the other risky moves you mentioned, but Teixeira was not a risky move. He was going to leave via free agency regardless. When the team figured that out after he turned down a mega contract offer, they got what they could for him. The risky move involved in that belonged to the Braves and it failed big time for them. Hooray for our side!
Next, I am right with you pal as we wait for a World Series Championship. However, I would rather have my heart broken like the 70’s Vikings/ 80’s-90’s Bills as opposed to being a fan of the 70’s Buccaneers/80’s-90’s Lions, etc. That’s my point with the “enjoy the ride”. I would rather have my heart broken at the show than to be numb with losing or constant mediocrity. Game 6 was a classic for the ages and while it hurt deeply to watch it play out, what an honor to be a fan of the Rangers during that game!
Finally, I apologize for the d’god reference. It will not happen again. I always enjoy the back and forth. It would be pretty boring if we all agreed on everything.

I’ve been a Rangers fan since day one. I remember those days as a high school kid in Arlington, and sneaking into the old ballpark during practice. That’s when I first met Ted Williams.
After all these years waiting for a World Series Championship, we have been so close two years in a row now. I’m so proud of the Rangers even though they didn’t win. Now is the time to win it all. We now have Darvish, so let’s get Fielder. We can’t wait too long. When Nolan Ryan came to the Rangers, I thought that was our time. This is our time now, so let’s do what we have to do to win it all. We have the best management in baseball, the best players, and the best manager. Now, let’s fill the only void left at first base. With Fielder added to the lineup, it would be the greatest in baseball.
I’m ready for the season to start this year, and another run for the pennant.

I’m not against signing Fielder, but there’s no void at first base. If Moreland is healthy he’s an everday big league first baseman. Even if he isn’t Young and Napoli are both quality bats who can play the position.

Totally agree Hefe…and I’d like to use the Fielder money everybody imagines we have to sign Hamilton and Napoli

this is true, but you will be dancing in the streets if we sign him.
admit it !!

in reality i know that we could definitely make another run at the WS without bringing in the Prince.
and i”m stealing this from another poster (cant remember what site) who said that when we sign Darvish & Fielder
this would definitely be high on my bucket list.
and we are half way there.
i never thought i could grow to despise another fanbase like i desipse Angels fans. ultimately i am behind our FO whatever they decide to do.
thanks to all the great fans who comment here. thanks to TR for providing the forum. i cant wait for spring trainig to start.

I don’t know if it’s just me or if everyone else encountering problems with your site.
It appears as though some of the text within your content
are running off the screen. Can someone else please comment
and let me know if this is happening to them as well? This could be a problem with my internet browser because I’ve had this happen previously.
Many thanks

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