Ryan Optimistic About Signing Darvish

At tonight’s awards dinner, Rangers president Nolan Ryan said he is optimistic about the Rangers chances of signing pitcher Yu Darvish.  The Rangers were awarded the opporutnity to negotiate with Darvish, and have until next week Wednesday to finanlize a contract.


Speaking of good young pitchers….The Yankees got Pineda. Nice move on their part. I think e’s going to be something.

The Yankees just got much better.
we now know exactly why the Marines are so much of an after thought in the American league West.
i feel like putting my arms around Jack Z”s shoulders and saying Gosh Jack you just dont trade fledgling young ace”s for unproven prospects with 1b/DH” profiles !!
not to down rate Montero but Pineda is a Monster with true ace stuff.
What does Montero do for the M”s in safeco ? he probably doesn’t stay behind the dish, and Safeco saps the life out of power hitters.

I”d be willing to bet that Jack Z is somehow related to Tony Reagins and Brad Corbett.

I think he may actually be related to kieth Grant and Jerry from Arkansas also.
this makes me appreciate Nolan and JD just that much more.

The Yankees completely made their rotation over yesterday. Kuroda is a solid veteran and Pineda….wow. I fully realize that Montero is ready to be a middle of the order hitter for the next 15 years or so, but I’m surprised that’s all the Yankees had to give up to get Pineda, no disrespect to the othe pitcher the M’s also got.
I’m very excited to see Darvish put on a Ranger uniform.
TR, congratulations on the big win for the 49ers. I didn’t have a dog in that fight but it was very enjoyable. One for the ages.

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