Daniels on Napoli, Fielder, Bullpen

The Rangers aren’t likely to get a long-term deal done with catcher Mike Napoli this winter. General manager Jon Daniels said the two sides are far apart and are focused on a one-year deal that will avoid arbritration.

“We love Mike and we’re not closing the door on anything but right now we are focused on a one-year deal,” Daniels said.

Daniels also made it clear Tuesday afternoon that the Rangers are not interested in free agent first baseman Prince Fielder. The Rangers are focused on getting something done with pitcher Yu Darvish. They have until Jan. 18. If negotiations fall apart with Darvish, the Rangers might turn their attention to Fielder. But right now the Rangers expect Mitch Moreland to be their first baseman.

Daniels said the Rangers are still interested in upgrading their bullpen. Left-handed relief is still an area of interest.

Right now though Darvish is the Rangers main focus. Daniels declined to discuss those negotiations in anyway but that will likely go down to the final day.

The deadline is 4 p.m. (CT) Jan. 18.


Jon Daniels & Nolan Ryan, really need to sit back and think about how they can make Prince Fieder a Ranger instead of shutting the door on him!! Wake Jon & Nolan!!!

I’m curious of how much you really believe that. The rangers front office doesn’t seem to ever tip their hand. Not to mention how it makes
Moreland feel if they try and don’t get fielder. Or do you believe it’s really Darvish or Fielder.

I don’t believe anything that comes out of the front office, but I do believe that whatever move they make is the best available move.

It’s possible that they like what they have in Mitch Moreland and what he brings to the team. He might be better than what anyone gives him credit for especially after getting the wrist fixed. I’m fine if they sign Fielder. I’m fine if they stick with Mitch. I trust the front office and don’t feel compelled or qualified to tell them what they can sit back and think about. They have a plan and, so far, it has netted us back 2 back World Series appearances. Trust the front office.

Couldn’t agree more, well said!

Here’s a stupid question – Why wouldn’t a team bid an outrageous amount for a Japanese player (Darvish) with the intention of winning the bidding war, but then never offer a reasonable contract and fail to come to terms with the player? The bid is refunded and the player is kept away from rival teams.

i trust both of them…

i certainly hope they”re able to sign Darvishafed, however it would not at all surprise me if they did not come to a contract agreement.
The Rangers have come to power as a result of superior scouting and player development, not big ticket acquisitions, Beltre being the exception.
it would actually be somewhat of a departure from their business model if they sign him.
I read a 5 year old scouting report on Dice K . by an unidentified AL GM that sounded strikingly simular the one on Darvishafed.
the question for me is do you continue to live and die on scouting and player development ? or face the reality of having to shell hundreds of millions to retain talented but quite replaceable players, which seems to be the difference in the way the Rangers an the Rays operatè (the Rays being fully committed to S & PD )
if they commit to scout and development be prepared to see popular veterans leave town and talent farm hands given opportunities.
as a life long Rangers fan i cant help getting excited about the prospects of bringing Darvish or Fielder to town and answering the Angels for Pujols and Wilson,but its clear the JD is not taking my level of excitement and anticipation into acount in his decision making. the real task is taking advantage of this 2 or 3 year window of opportunity without crippling the organization.
i”m just glad we dont have our neighbor (Jerry) from Arkansas running
the Rangers.

Sam…In this day and age Players who are top tier players are going to leave. They owe it to their families to test the market. The short period they playing big time ball is their period of earning money. We can complain, as fans, all we want to but there are millions of dollars involved. With Pujols getting what he got and Wilson and all the rest the lesson is clear …over sign a player or lose him. Pujols is signed beyond his reasonable baseball life…CJ close to his…. I think we’ll lose Napoli if we save Hamilton and Kinsler it’s because they left money on the table for a hometown deal. Ryan and Daniels are what we have running this show and I think we have to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Rodney…right on as always.

Rodney . . thank you so much for educating me on the econimic and family obligatory issues as they relate to Free agency in Major league baseball.
however i was not speaking on these matters, nor did i intend to take issue with JD and the front office as we move into 2012.
i was merely thinking out loud about what approach would be most tactically prudent in capitalizing on this window of opportunity.
player development or
big ticket acquisitions.
whichever direction we choose, i believe we have the best man leading the way. .
No Offence to you Jerry from ARKANSAS.

Sorry RODNEY . . . That last comment was meant for Fred R.

Sam…you should never confuse Rodney and me…I think he’s the younger one. My point was the team doesn’t control the issue…the player does. This was true so recently in the CJ Wilson deal. I have a feeling it will be true for Napoli who has only a fleeting connection with North Texas but we face it with Hamilton (who if rumor is correct is refusing extensions) and in the future with the rest of our young corps. I like developing your own. I think it’s the proven key to success but with the realities of the market a team will lose those developed players. (and Sam I take no offense at your remarks….we’re having a discussion)

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