Rangers get Darvish

The Rangers have won the bidding for pitcher Yu Darvish…. They paid $51.7 million….they have 30 days to sign him.,…


Skeptical but excited.

OMG. it feels so unbelievably great to pee on the ANGELS parade. HOWZ THAT FOR THROWING A MONKEY WRENCH IN ALL THOSE BIG PLANS OF YOURS ?
now lets see if we can work something shorter term for Fielder and watch the Angels fall even further behind after spending $330 millon on 2 elderly men.

Yu Darvish is a great pitcher, but he’s not going to suddenly widen the gap again. Colby Lewis, Alexi Ogando, and Darvish do not equal Jered Weaver, Dan Haren, your former ace, and Ervin Santana.

The Angels kept it close all year round, so I don’t get why you think the Rangers are so far ahead.

THEY HUNG AROUND ALL YEAR DID THEY ? ( those are the famous last words of a loser ) We”ll get em next year RIGHT ?
i assume that YU didnt read the part of my comment in which i encouraged my hometown team to sign MR Fielder ? Joberooni.
THIS SITE IS FOR RANGERS FANS ONLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go back to HALO HEAVEN and talk about what those bumz in LA did last year on your own site. . . talk to me when you can come within 10 games of the leader.

I waited overnight to comment….here’s what I think.
1. Nolan Ryan and Jon Daniels seem to know what they’re doing…I give them the benefit of the doubt.
2. This is probably better than Oswalt and some of the other names that were being bandied about.
3. Now get him signed for at least 3-4 years
4. …and hope that he can pitch above AAA

Hefe said it skeptical but I’ll add hopeful and trusting.

If anything, this adds a lot of excitement to a team thay has been to back to back world series. A true number 1 is not available this year, and this is probably the closest thing on the market. I’m alway amazed when I watch his highlights and how the ball moves when he pitches. I was hoping we could get him in the range that it would cost to keep CJ, but thats impossible now with a $51.7 mill post fee. Looks like this will cost us ~$120 mill. We better all hope he turns out to be an ace.

hello m y name is teo rodriguez and i will like mr noland ryan to please before they expend some much money on the bruce lee kid from japan to give carlos beltran a contrac so we can have a all star s outfilder and we all the million let cleavand to take the japanese pichert and let get the young cachert name santana and one pichert and we still got money to sign oswalt for one year and still got money left.
to go to dominican republic and sign me 3 free agent is fact the cuban national team have fews enty spot since going to dominican republic.MR RYAN if you need more personnel for latin americas just call 910-797-3650 MR teo Rodriguez


WHOA ! those are some mighty big plans Mr T.
if i could speak with Mr Nolan Ryan next i would ask him to check in with
the Padres FO see if there was a possibilty that they wanted to flip Yonder Alonzo.
i think they have a bit of a log jam at 1b now.
i”m willing to give Morland a pass for his subpar second half last year, but who knows if his power stroke comes back right away. lack of power following a wrist injury played a roll in the Marlins making Adrian Gonzalez available to us in the Urbina trade. and i dont think we should go into 2012 with a question mark at 1b.

Also lets put the breaks on the send Ogando back to bullpen talk.
THAT SIMPLY IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN nor should it happen. with the premium that MLB is placing on quality starting pitching it would be counter productive for the Rangers to reduce his value by returnig him to the pen when we
1) have invested a year in his transition from that pen which some so eagerly want to return him to.
the early returns were absolutely startling, with Ogando flashing Ace potentiał then running out of steam in the second half (which is understandable having never endured the workload of 2011.
2) have so many other options for improving the bullpen. both internationally or thru the trade route.
his first half of 2011 was just too good to simply relegate this guy to the pen without giving him every chance to prove he can overcome his second half problems.

Fred, (or anybody else) I don’t know if you read that piece the the great Mike Hindman wrote over at Baseball Time in Arlington, but as he points out this scouting department at the pro level is as sharp as they come and they’ve seen Darvish pitch more than any other MLB team. I can’t let myself be completely sold out on Darvish but I can’t wait to get a look at this guy.

Cautiously optimistic.

I actually had read that but there always seems to be a lot of positive press from the “homies” ( No offense meant Mr Hindman if you’re reading this…It’s just that I’m an old man and waiting now comes second nature to me) We’ll see what the actual facts are in Spring Training. I still believe the kid is going to start off in AAA….8 pitches?….I don’t know about that.

Time will tell, Fred, but I think he starts the season in the majors. He’s been facing AAA level competition for 6 years.

Seriously ?
Where”s the punch line ? .they are not investing $120 million on this kid so he can start his state side career in the minors. . JD is as tight as a rusty set of vice grips when it comes to the purse strings.
If he”s willing to go all in on this kid you can believe they think he”s ready for prime time.
But i do understand that there are some who would rather have had us stick with CEEJAY (maintaining the status quo) and secretly hoping the whole YU thing blows up on us. O”H both THE PLEASURE and SATISFACTION IN BEING ABLE TO SAY I TOLD YOU SO.
but Mr Willsuck is gone and he”s not coming back.
this is a huge gamble, but one that our front office was willing to take in view of the price tag GM”s are putting on ace quailty pitching. (Good Lord look at what the Pads and the A”s got for Latos and Gonzalez)
we”ve been to the WS 2 years running now and no GM is going to trade us an ace without emptying our farm. every GM now wants his own Texeira deal to pad his resume.
What it all boils down to is if you get an ACE you
1) draft and develope your own.
2) trade for one, and let other GM”s run through your farm system like a bull in a china shop.
3) sign one in free agency, which is what we”ve done.

still its risky business
HOPE HE IS THAT ACE. cause man is CJ going to look good if he pitch”s lights out and this kid sucks.

Sam I don’t think he’ll suck. I do think he needs to face some batters over here to see what ML hitters do. Usually for the first couple of weeks we only need 4 starters. I think he’ll spend those 2 weeks in AAA

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