Rangers get infielder Gonzalez

The Rangers have signed infielder Alberto Gonzalez to a Minor League contract with an invitation to Spring Training. He has spent all or parts of the last five seasons in the Majors with the Mets, Nationals and Padres. He can play all four infield positions. He has a career batting average of .242.

He spent last season with the Padres and played in 102 games. He hit .215 with a .256 on-base percentage and a .283 slugging percentage. He has played 138 career games at second base and 124 at shortstop.



Sounds about right but I sure hate it that Andes Blanco is gone.

Good job for Rangers acquiring Gonzalez.

Wonder if Milwaukee would be interested in a Morland,Feldman + Ramirez or Olt for Greinke deal right about now ??? HMM.

Wonder if Milwaukee would be interested in a Morland,Feldman + Ramirez for Greinke deal right about now ??? HMM.

Sam….Milwaukee is a contender even without Fielder and they’re not going to be trading their best pitcher.

You may be right, but it looks like they may also lose Braun for an extended period of time.
i cant see the Brew crew contending next season
i think this needs to be our approach in adding to the front of our rotation.
i just dont see the Darvish thing going anywhere

Even if we got Darvish…he would probably start out at AAA until he proved something. 100 million is just wayyyyy to much. Sam we basically have our team. I think every chip is in place for Spring. It makes a boring off season but that’s the way it is. I don’t thing we trade Bourbon until spring training if he doesn’t cut it. So our Outfield is set. With Gonzalez our Infield is set. Our catchers are set unless Ron Washington want to hold 3 and we have a ton of pitching.

I think Daniels still has a major move up his sleeve, it will likely come without much fanfare, but ultimately prove to be an excellent move. (which has been Daniels MO since coming)
Most of his big deals come in January/february.
also i believe the Angels will live to regret shelling out 330 mil to 2 over 30 guys who will soon be in severe decline. both signings being a result of feeling pressured because of our recnt front office success. it will be interesting to see who this years version of Napoli,Lewis,Vlad,Wilson or Hamilton will be.
none of these deal came with front page headlines.

I think we can thank Mike Napoli for the whole Angels’ thing. They had to make a big splash because their fans were getting tired of watching the Rangers win with key ex-Angels. Napoli last year was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Moreno was under pressure to do something big and he didn’t let them down. I think the Angels have about a 3 year window before this off season begins to hurt them. This is not something for the long term….unless….I heard that Moreno came in behind the Dodgers and got a huge T.V. deal that the Dodgers were going to get until the whole divorce/sale fiasco. If that is true, the Angels have deep Yankee/Red Sox-esque pockets and they can afford some irresponsibility. Or, Moreno is the second coming of Tom Hicks. Either way, the Angels are still chasing the Rangers until they prove otherwise.

I dont know how to post in ur inbox so here is a question i have for you: If the rangers acquired fielder…not saying they should but i admit i wouldnt complain if they did…what would be the pros and cons of making that deal?

What do you think about this trade T.R.?
How about the Rangers trade Mark Lowe, Justin Miller, Jacob Brigham, and Craig Gentry to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for Jeff Niemann and Matt Bush?

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