Rangers, Ham Fighters and Darvish coming.

So Yu Darvish of the Nippon Ham Fighters and his agent have told the world that he plans on being posted and pitching in the United States next season. The Rangers are expected to be one of the teams who bid on him.

Remember the Red Sox had to pay $51 million to secure the rights to negotiate with Daisuke Matsuzaka. Then they had to sign him to a six-year, $52 million deal. So the price of Darvish could soar over $100 million

Here is this from MLB Trade Rumors:

The posting period will last four days, and the winning team will have a 30-day exclusive negotation period with Darvish and his representatives Don Nomura and Arn Tellem. If a contract agreement cannot be reached between Darvish and the winning team, that team will be refunded the total of the posting fee.

The Rangers having lost out on C.J. Wilson and Mark Buehrle, are still investigating trade possibilities. While at the Hilton Anatole, they have asked about Gio Gonzalez of the Athletics, Matt Garza of the Cubs and John Danks of the White Sox. All would require significant prospects, which would seem not to make sense for a team that is just trying to upgrade rather than fill a hole.

Darvish will only require money. Lots and lots of money


I just can’t see it….100 million for a guy who hasn’t pitched in the majors.

I’ve been hearing and reading for months that the Rangers are the favorite to land this guy but I just read that Evan Grant said it was unlikely. When the Red Sox won the post fee for Matsuzaka, they outbid the next highest bidder by $20 million, so they kind of shot themselves in the foot from the outset. I expect the total cost for Darvish will be closer to $80 million. And, while I’m not sold on that being a sound investment, I find this guy more intriguing than past Japanese imports because of his size, athleticism and velocity.

If I had 100 million I’d spend it for 6 years of CJ Wilson…which by the way I don’t think it worth 100 million either. ESPN is reporting Albert Pujols contract with the Angels is 250 Million…now as my students used to say “That’s just whack!”

I’m stunned.

I’m excited! We will get some revenge on Pujols when we send the Angels packing again this year. I am completely confident in Ryan and Daniels. It’s gonna take more than Pujols and Wilson to beat the Rangers. This might spur the front office to make some bold moves that will make the AL West that much better. It’s going to be a fun year and we don’t even know everyone who will be on this team.

I would love to see Darvish on this team. I like Wilson, but not at ace dollars. He’s younger with more potential than Wilson. He also brings a lot of international exposure to this franchise. I would be willing to go $100 mil for him easily, but it’s not my money.
As for Pujols, lats year was the beginning of his slide due to age. He’s probably at least 34, and the Angels will be stuck with this contract, and Vernon Wells, and Tori Hunter for more years to come.

In an article on the front page, it stated, the Rangers are a powerhouse in player development. Quick name 1 player that our powerhouse player development has produced for the major league team? Wilson is gone, Kinsler maybe, all of the rest are players acquired via trade of young prospects. It is ridiculous that the Rangers didn’t pay Wilson. Maybe Wilson goes to LA anyway, but how do you not offer him 77 million? It is the cost of frontline pitching. Wilson isn’t a #1, a # 1 gets $120 million plus….You don’t let young pitchers walk, especially over money. Wilson will win 20 + games in LA in a pitchers ball park. Not to mention he will punish us. Where is our pitching depth? At lease Wilson is a known quantity. Darvish may or may not be successfull. Wilson won 31 games over 2 years only after having to beg to be allowed to be a starting pitcher. Trade McCarthy for Danks, wait McCarthy is gone….

Scouting and Player development

SCOUTING: Cruz,Hamilton,Napoli, Murphy,Ogando . all acquired from other organizations who underestimated their value.

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT. . Andrus,Feliz & Harrison came from Developing Mark Texeira + Feldman,Kinsler, Wilson,Morland,Holland, Borbon, Lewis, Gentry all drafted by this organization. And we have a top 5 minor league system loaded with talent.
they obviously feel that Feliz and Holland are ready to be a force at the top of the rotation.
are they ? . . i dont know
but this is obviously their thinking.

I dont see us getting involved with Darvish, in view of the offering or lack thereof made to CJ.
i wasnt his greatest fan but this is a head scratcher as Wilson indicated, we did even go to 50 mil for him.
i am now of the opinion that JD and crew must believe that they know something about Feliz,Holland and Ogando that no one else knows and obviously feel real good about what these guys can do.
one of the first things Gregg Maddux said when he got here was that we have some guys with great arms.
and if they corntrol there emotions as well as locate and change speeds they could dominate.
We shall see. . . . . Go Rangers

I Hate that the rangers must go all out every year now that we contend. take a breather this offseason. Lets ride out this next year and see where the young guns are. they could blossom and we can win 90+ again. We cant expect to run for the world series every year. my eye is on next offseason. we will see where our starters are, and if we need an arm there will be one that catches my eye. Matt Cain. between him, locking up some of our core, and considering if we are going to try to resign Michael Young that will be the offseason that will change this franchise for a couple years.

@the walrus…..d’god by any other name is still……d’god. As for you using a different player to make your same arguments. You are so out of touch with the entire situation surrounding the Rangers’ roster and money that is and will be needed to keep the core intact. Did you notice that the Rangers did not pay C.J. the big money because they are moving Feliz (a young pitcher) into the rotation? Did you not see this coming? That money you would’ve spent on C.J. is going to be put to better use than for a #2 or #3 starter. The Angels are going to regret the Pujols/Wilson day in the long run while the Rangers will maintain their consistency. By the way, did you know that the Rangers have been in the World Series in each of the past two years. I think I trust the front office more than your regularly irrational rantings regardless of the name of the day which you choose to post under.

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