The Rangers expect Wilson gone

The Rangers are resigned to the possibility that C.J. Wilson is leaving, either to the Marlins or the Angels.

Said general manager Jon Daniels, “Until C.J. makes a decision, we can’t rule anything out but we understand that’s a realistic possibility. We haven’t received a phone call but we are prepared for that.”

The Rangers just haven’t been competitive with the Angels or Marlins in dollars or years on a potential contract.

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Well its happened, Mr Wilson is gone & if the reports of our non competitive offer are true who could blame him.
The Rangers drew a line in the sand and refused to cross it regardless of the fair maket value envoled.
still i just have 2 words for you CJ

First word SCREW !
Second word YOU !
Did anyone catch the CJ interview on ESPN this morning ?
it was a classic example of CJ being CJ and talking trash on his way out of town, not only did show total disregard for the organization that drafted,developed & stood by him through a TJ opp then gave him a chance to start on a great team ( all of these being factors in him receiving this big payday) BUT HE ALSO SLAMMED THE DFW AREA.
When asked where he would reside, his response was ( a little farther out than Santa Anna where i will now have a REAL LIFE )
He is obviously a good pitcher but also an insufferable jerk.
See Ya CeeJay.

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