Rangers meet with Boras

The Rangers met with Scott Boras on Wednesday. They expected to talk with him because Boras represents left-handed reliever Michael Gonzalez.

Prince Fielder’s name also came up, as first reported by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. That is not surprising as well, even though Rangers officials keep saying they are not going to get involved with Fielder.

Fielder has not been a hot topic of conversation here at the Winter Meetings. Most of the attention has been directed toward Albert Pujols.

That would suggest there has been little interest in Fielder. Boras insisted, not surprisingly, that is not the case.

“I’ve spent the last three days sitting in a hotel room going through a flurry of teams making presentations how they could fit Prince into their team,” Boras said. “We’re going to take in all the information, go back to Prince, come up with an approach and further negotiations with teams.”

So Boras is saying there is great interest in Fielder. There are Rangers officials who say Fielder doesn’t fit into their budget.



Who cares? We need pitching, and management doesn’t seem to care if we get anybody or not. So, I guess Fielder is a consolation prize. Still, it seems that Tom Hicks is somehow running things this off-season.

Garza and Prince wouldn’t be a bad winter meeting!

Aren’t you jumping the gun a little David? It doesn’t take much to get you off the band wagon. How much pressure do you think will be on CJ and Pujols to carry the Angels past the Rangers? The Angels have great pitching that the Rangers have proved they can beat and they have many holes beyond first base to fill. We’ve all seen teams (Yankees/Red Sox) load up with “talent”, but that doesn’t win championships. There is something to be said for team chemistry and clubhouse culture. Have we heard anything about how “together” the Angels are? Are CJ and Pujols known to be good clubhouse guys who can polarize a clubhouse? And, aren’t our Rangers still ahead in that area because they already have that now? Let the front office do their business and add to an already great AL Champion squad before you rush to judgment and jump ship on them. Be patient.

Having said that, when CJ pitches into the 8th and holds the Rangers offense to one run, it still won’t be time to panic. All we have to do is win more games than the Angels. No fear here!

the landscape has definitely changed. L.A. Has played a hand that in view of the new CBA only a few large market teams will be able to counter.
we will see if all the reports on our talented Fo are true.

Great comments Rodney GO RANGERS

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