Fielder, Pujols, Wilson

There are rumors that the Angels are going to sign C.J. Wilson but nothing has been confirmed or announced. An Angels source just said, “We’re trying as hard as we can.”

The Rangers continue to be mentioned with Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder but senior club officials said they are not involved in either one.

One senior club official was asked if the Rangers were the mystery team pursuing Pujols and his response was “no.”

Senior club officials also knocked down the possibility of Fielder. The Rangers certainly like the bat but an official said, “I don’t see how he fits our budget,” and “he is not even on our radar screen.”

Another club official said, “We haven’t even talked about him once.”

The Rangers have the right to change their minds. Maybe they do if Wilson goes to the Angels. The Rangers made their best pitch to Wilson’s agent Bob Garber on Tuesday night but length of contract may be an obstacle. The Rangers may be too reluctant to go to five years.



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