Angels should get Wilson

The Marlins, according to reports, have reached a four-year agreement with Mark Buehrle.

That could easily mean that C.J. Wilson will end up with the Angels.

The Rangers, Marlins and Angels were the three teams pushing hard to get Wilson, who is from Southern California. The Rangers do not think he is returning to Texas.

With Buehrle going to the Marlins, the Angels should be in prime position to get something done with Wilson.

The Rangers met with Buehrle’s agent Jeff Berry on Tuesday night but were not willing to go four years with him.



Well it was not an unthought of thing. I assume Ryan and Daniels thought this over and have another plan…let’s let it play out before we get too excited

Does this mean we jump in on prince like we did beltre last year?

And do what with Josh Hamilton and Mike Napoli….we need some money to pay them and tie them up to longer terms?

I wonder if Darvish will post….

Back away from the ledge please,
i”ve been trying to prepare you for this day for some time now. it will hurt to lose CJ but we lost a much better pitcher last winter
( one who actually pitched well in the playoffs ) then increased our win total by 6 games.
if Wilson doesnt come back, JD will definitely respond, just as he did last winter and depending on where he land”s ( if its the ANGELS ) i would look for Prince Fielder to be your new first baseman as well spending some our minor league chips to bring in a TORP. AKA Grienke, Danks,Cahill or Cain. . but dont look for JD to be silent too long.
additionally i wouldn’t see it as being to much of an issue if he moved 2 or even 3 of our blue chip prospects in view of how successful they are at finding and developing talent. a weaker team would have a hard time rebounding from such a loss, but we reload our guns faster than Matt Dillon.
good luck Wilson we will pound the daylights out of you next year and i will love every minute of it.

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