Utility infielders in demand

Starting pitching and bullpen are the two biggest needs here at the Winter Meetings. But so is a utility infielder who can play shortstop. The Rangers are looking for a utility infielder who fits that description but so are at least 10 other teams. The Rangers had Andres Blanco the past two years but had a stress fracture in his lower back at the end of last season and missed the playoffs.

The best of the utility free agents include Nick Punto, who was a pain for the Rangers during the World Series.


Punto got $750,000 last year which to me makes him affordable….another was to go might be rule 5 but even then I think the minimum has gone to something like $500,000

The increased demand will probably net Punto a pretty good contract. The Rangers may have to turn to one of the available veterans that are terrible offensive players but can do a lot defensively. Jack Wilson? Orlando Cabrera?

There are not a lot of them and the quality goes down fast offensively.


Hairston was signed by the Dodgers…he;s off the board. In addition to that he was way too expensive.

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