Rangers still interested in Wilson

General manager Jon Daniels said the Rangers are still interesting in re-signing C.J. Wilson. Said he will meet with his agent during Winter Meetings. Not worried about having too much pitching.


Finally things are heating up…as I said last year…if the GM meetings come can Spring (training) be far behind,,,,with all due apologies to the poet.

look its time to move on from CJ, i know i will tick some fans off with this comment, but great organizations aren’t afraid to turn its roster over to give younger though unproven talent an opportunity to play, and the truth is that you cant fall in love with players (talented as they may be ) if you truly believe the reports youve been reading about the farm, you”ve got to know that sooner or later these kids will force popular players off the roster.
i remember a few years ago when we traded Texeira, that had to happen as unpopular as it was at that time, its time for what i will call growing pains, we dont need to give CJ a bad contract when we have capable people on both the minor league and major league levels ready to step in.

Harry, Dutch, Ogando and Lewis combined for 57 wins this year or an average of 14.25 apiece.
Wilson has won 31 games over the last 2 seasons or 15.5 per year. do we really need to pay him 17 large per year so he can give us that 1 extra win per year then suck wind when we need him to stand up and be counted ?

Everyone has there opinion. All Wilson did for us this past year was eat 200 innings. YOu forget in the spring he was hurt and he had a slow start…he easily could have won 20 games if not for that and for being let down by our hitting a couple of times and by our bullpen. His era in the games up to the world series was impecable. He clearly was the premier pitcher out there in free agents. Don;t we want the best available? I would say we do. I wasn;’t for the 16 million …like most of us working folks those number shock me but if that is the market,,,,do you want the best pitcher available or the 2nd best, 5th best or what? We have no one on the farm to step in….if we use one of those guys it will end up being like the last couple of years where we bring up a guy who’s not ready or who doesn’t have the stamina to pitch a full season in Arlington. Before you write CJ off think of that.

And gosh isn’t it quiet without D’god?

We have
Feldman) who showed last season that he is back to 09 form, he came closer to winning the 20 games in 09 the the 20 that you think CJ could have won in 11, lets not buy into all the CJ hype please, he pitched in front of Elvis, Kinsler & Beltre which is the best defensive inf in the AL, and he was back by one of the top 3 offenses in MLB and in doing so was only marginally better than his rotation mates who will be paid about 1.5 mil on average.
We have Feliz who has performed much better than Wilson did in his failed attempt at closing and is infinately more gifted than Wilson will ever dream of being, he was a top 3 MLB prospect ( AS A STARTER ) as recently as 2 years ago.
We Have Perez & Ramirez who will certainly be ready well before the anchor of a contract the Mr Wilson will sign is over.
This is the reason you build a top Farm system so you dont have be force into foolish contracts like Wilsons will certainly prove to be, And now we are afraid to trust the system that we boast so proudly about. for shame

I like Feldman too….but I don’t think there is any way you can say he showed his 09 form…he pitched just a handful of innings. AND if we use him in the rotation (which I have argued for in the past) who will pitch middle relief? I’m not so concerned about the future (Perez and Ramierez) but about the 012 season. Any option you can think of for 012 is inferior to Wilson….and any option that calls for trading for a Peavey or whomever will not give us Wilson quality and will cost us those rookies that you’re touting for our solution next year. All I’m saying is don’t give up on Wilson he is probably our best bet.

Feldman could certainly replace Wilson’s innings, but will they be of the same quality? Not likely if their track records as starting pitchers are any indication. Feliz is undoubtedly very talented, but he’s thusfar not shown the ability to command a third pitch, a necessity for being a succesful starter, while Wilson came into the role of starter already able to throw 4-5 pitches for strikes. It was CJ’s varied repetoire that allowed him to succeed in his tranition to starter. Feliz starts out behind the 8 ball in that regard.

I think people think that Feliz isn’t Wilson in that regard. They think that you can turn any reliever into a starter and that’s just not true. I think that we will end up with Feldman but I’m just saying (until he’s gone) let’s not forget about Wilson.

I have to admit that i am not the biggest Wilson fan ( surpise ) but no one can deny his impact on the team over the last to years, but we”re acting like this is Cliff Lee here, and i can assure you he aint Cliff Lee,
and i dont necessarily think that Feliz or Feldman would out perform Mr Wilson, but i do think that either guy could provide 170 – 180 innings 3.60 era and 14 – 15 wins, aided by our line up and defense,
and what make these better options is that they will do so at a fraction of the cost of singing Wilson, this cant possibly be that hard to understand,
if you have no viable options you pay the money and move forward but if you do have options there”s no way to justify giving this guy a bad contract, if we”re going for broke lets go for broke, sign Pujols or Fielder and then back up the farm and trade for Kershaw or King Felix, but all this does is maintain the status quo while tying up resources needed to keep your difference makers, Hambone, Elvis, Kinsler,Napoli, Holland, Cruz and others while blocking Perez and Ramirez, howz that for killing 3 birds with 1 stone.
kinda like LA did last winter by trading Napoli for Vernone Wells, the team doesn”t get better while blocking Trout and digging a huge financial crater that ties up much needed resources, am i crazy here or are you simply trying to win an argument ?
i respectfully disagree.

but hey, you could very well be right.
Cant wait to see how things work out. i guess i dont want to see my team get caught up in trying to keep up with the Jones”s & doing something foolish and regretting it later, especially since Daniels, Levine & preller have been so srewed in their past dealings.
I”m with you Fred, i cant wait until spring training arrives.

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