Maddux is official

Greg Maddux is joining the Rangers. The club has made it official. He will be a special assistant


Winners adding winners. Love the direction of the organization.

this is great, it just makes our FO that much stronger, this aid”s in talent evaluation and development at both the minor league and major league level, for years we have either not been able to develope young pitching or didn’t know who could or couldn’t pitch ( sorry Chan Ho, A Eaton & B McCarthy )
long gone are the days when Tom House thought throwing footballs would aid in the developmental process of our young pitching talent,
And to think that we”ve been wandering why we”ve never been able to grow a home town ace, How”d the football thing work out Tom ?

Sounds excellent. Another cerebral student/teacher of pitching can be nothing but a positive influence on the Rangers young arms. It’s great to see guys who don’t have to work if they don’t want to still be passionate enough about the game to want to remain involved in it.

It’s always nice to add quality baseball folks to the front office.

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