Rangers still open to Wilson

The Rangers are still open to signing C.J. Wilson. The Rangers are moving Neftali Feliz to the rotation to join Colby Lewis, Matt Harrison, Derek Holland and Alexi Ogando.

If they sign Wilson, that will make it six for a five-man rotation. But the Rangers are willing to do that if the contract makes sense. It could open up a trade later in the winter or in Spring Training.

Right now the Rangers are still focused on the bullpen but also need a utility infielder who can play shortstop.

They are not planning to get involved in either Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder although they are keeping their options open. The Rangers are also not likely to get involved with Cuban outfielder Yeonis Cespedes although they have scouted him.


Glad to hear they aren’t planning to get involved with Fielder, I like Moreland and his potential.

I agree, Nick. Hopefully that wrist gets healthy. I don’t think Mitch is any world beater, but it looks like he can be an average first baseman on the cheap, allowing the Rangers to spend big dollars in other areas. There’s value in that.

Fielder and Pujols would be a waste of money for this franchise. They have a first baseman who is a pretty good defender and a pretty good hitter for a first-full-year hitter. We all know that Moreland has got a ton of power, but the average will come if we give it time. You don’t need to replace one dude with good defense and a ton of power for another dude with good defense and a ton of power.

The same could be said of Cespedes. There is already going to be an outfield competition featuring Craig Gentry, Julio Borbon, Leonys Martin, David Murphy and Joey Butler… there is no need to add another name to that list for the price that Cespedes is going to command. This is especially true with how many arbitration-eligible players there are on the Rangers 25-man roster. Save the money for arbitration and pitching.

Is Saltalamacchia a better first baseman than Moreland? I don’t see how one could argue so. Moreland is younger, his career offesnsive numbers are much better and he’s under club control longer. I know that Moreland put up the exact same OPS as Guerrero this season without the multi-million dollar 2 year contract that the Rangers were too stupid and cheap not to give to Vlad.

Quick, how many games would the Rangers have missed the playoffs by if their rotation was John Danks, Armando Gallaraga, Edinson Volquez, Chris Young and Ryan Dempster?

Wow! The degree of sorriness of the dgod continues to grow. Using another posters name in yet another new fabricated one. One sharp defense attorney will one day get tipped off to your years of mindless rants and your credibility on ANY criminal case you are involved with will tank, thus rendering you as ineffective at your real life job as you are as a commenter in your fantasy world. You might think that is unfair, but it is very real in your business. Be very careful young man.

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