Rangers Sign Joe Nathan

The Texas Rangers have signed Closer/RHP Joe Nathan,  to a 2 year $14.5 million contract that includes a buyout. Nathan will be introduced tomorrow at a news conference and is expected to take over the closer spot in the bullpen. This move seems to indicate that RHP Neftali Feliz will be moving into the starting rotataion.

Nathan has been with Minnesota Twins for the past 7 seasons.   He had Tommy John surgery, missed the entire 2010 season and was limited during  the 2011 season to  pitching 44 innings with a 4.84 ERA. However, in the previous 6 seasons he never had less than 35 saves, and saved a career high 47 games in 2009.   His career stats with both San Francisco and Minnesota:  appeared in 581 games, 792 2/3 IP, 534 Hits, 276 BB, 761 K – 2.87 ERA

Nathan was drafted by the Giants in 1995, he was traded to the Twins in 2003 along with Francisco Liriano and Boof Bonser for A.J. Pierzynski (and cash)

More on the website later.


Jon Daniels once again shows he is a genius. More depth for an already solid group of relievers.

FYI, Nathan also missed all of 2010 with Tommy Johns surgery, so the “never less then 35 saves” prior to 2011 is inaccurate.

Smitty, quit trying so hard and read it again. There’s nothing inaccurate about what he wrote.

What does this tell us ref CJ ? I think we will end up Oswalt??

with all of the top notch closers out there have abandon the dream of three consectutives series to settle for a hope and a prayer. All time attendence, spend like we want to continue not like if we get lucky just maybe. Those years are now pass us Spend like we seriously, a very unhappy season ticket holder

and i just dont see this as a give up move, A healthy Nathan is a quality guy to fill the gap until Matt West or one of our other high ceiling arms arrives.
1) Feliz just may be the Rangers long awaited ace.
2) Daniels is no fool, in fact he might be the sharpest GM in baseball, he has a track record of making moves that dont WOW anyone but kind of leave you wondering how he pulled the wool over everybodys eyes. we lost Cliff Lee last year then increased our win total by 4 games.
3) Scouting,player development and a series of srewed trades has filled our roster with talent, not big time free agent aquisitions. why restrict established pipelines of talent (the first year player draft and latin America ) to overpay Mr Wilson or Mr Pabblebon, when you have a GM who specializes in finding ball players ? . . .JD will dazzle again this winter.

happy trails to you Mr Wilsuck

it’s a good move for Texas.

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