Oliver planning to play next year

Darren Oliver said he is planning to play next season. He also said he wants to be back with the Rangers.

“They would be my first choice,” said Oliver, who is a free agent.

The Rangers are in need of left-handed relief and will likely have interest in Oliver.


remind me to never feed a stray cat again, they never go away after that first saucer of milk.

Oliver looks like Sandy Koufax compared to most of the left handed relievers on the makrket.

Another season with 50+ innings and a sub-3 ERA. Oliver is a solid reliever, and I think people forget that too easily.

you are obviously talking about Sandy Koufax of 2011 not 1961 ! one of saddest things in life is having to suffer along with those who dont realize that their day has come and gone. Ali might be able to hold a decent conversation if someone had just told him to ( just put the glove away Champ )

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