Lewis option picked up, Feliz to rotation?

The Rangers have picked up the option on Colby Lewis. General manager Jon Daniels also said Monday the Rangers will consider moving Neftali Feliz to the rotation. He also wants to make that decision before Spring Training.

Daniels also said the Rangers want Josh Hamilton back in center field and their main priority this year is to take care of the players within the organization they want to keep moving forward rather than making a big free agent splash.


The Lewis decision was an easy one. You can’t come close to replacing what he does for $3.25 million. There’s bound to be a ton of internal debate regarding Feliz. Lots of external debate as well.

I agree with both your points. I’m glad they view Hamilton (and by inference Napoli) as a priority

You sure he said “center” field?

we can make it back to the WS…..work ORGANDO,FELIZ into rotation sign RYAN MADSON take a chance on JOEL ZUMAYAY and above all else sign the PRINCE

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