Cruz Napoli both in the lineup

Nelson Cruz is in the lineup for Game 7 despite a strained right groin and Mike Napoli is in there as well.

 Both have been getting treatment for their injuries. Cruz will take batting practice and if the groin is still a problem, the Rangers will change the lineup.

 Napoli turned his left ankle in the fourth inning in Game 6 but stayed in the game to the end. Cruz injured himself in his final at-bat and was taken out of the game.

The injury came two innings after he failed to catch up with David Freese’s game-tying triple in the bottom of the ninth inning.



Stick it up your fat arhole Cruz. You suck you big sissy. My 5 year old girl could have caught it. Cut out the fake injury you dirt bag. This is why Texas HATES you LOOOOOSERS. Good news cocaine and meth should be cheaper.

um, excuse you dude who is saying the stupidest things about nelson cruz. if you don’t like him, then you can get off this page and not watch the game. nelson made a mark in history, and is a very good player, and your 5 year old girl couldn’t touch him. nobody in texas hates them. they are dang good team. & you should be cold cocked in the face. & i’m glad you know how much drugs are, you’re the sissy! go do something with your life and quit capping on other peoples. everyone makes mistakes, and nelson isn’t the only one. he does a damn good job any other time. and as for the cardinals, they suck. look at all the errors last night, if it wasn’t for freese hitting that homerun, we would OWN the world series. so, you can suck it up, and be gone.

Just curious but what does it pay to throw 2 World Series games in a row?

Nelson Cruz is a great player who among other Rangers didnt come up with a play when we really needed it, save all the personal stuff dude, i know 29 other teams who”d love to have Nellie, we have to move on now and get ready for another great run by the most talented team in baseball and hope we can close the deal next time, i remember the days of cheering for guys like Joe Lovitto, Steve Foucalt, Ceasar Tovar, Vic Harris & Davey Nelson, ( no disrespect to them ) but we have a special group of very talented guys here with waves of equally gifted players coming behind them, We have the brightest talent evaluators in baseball and an amazing owner in Nolan Ryan, they will eventually get it done, i want to be there when its our turn to pop champaign.

Could you please discuss Harrison over Holland? That has gnawed at my gut since the rainout meant Holland could start on full rest. Heck, Carpenter started out of turn on three days. Harrison is a big boy and he would have understood. I don’t (can’t) get it.

Cruz is a 50% player, he’s either hurt or making “mistakes”. He only plays when he looks good on the jumbo tv for my money get rid of him for someone who wants to play to game full time.

D’god is back!

where’s nolan?

D’god is a Ranger Troll or since he actually is a Ranger fan he’s a spoon…you know always saying outlandish things to get an argument. One of the Fort Worth Cities neighborhood finest he show a remarkable disdain for Ron Washington, Josh Hamilton, Nolan Ryan,Jon Daniels, anything non texan. He’s now known as Sullivan’s Alter Ego. He’s been reviled on this board for years because he’s just frankly obnoxious. But hey…he’s entitled to be here…just know what you’re getting. Rant, rant DVD raNT.

Fred is right about D’god. There is no mistaking his writing. As to some of the real negative remarks made by so-called fans who are disgusted by the outcome of the series, what are you thinking? This team has improved its record in each of Wash’s years here. The team loves him and they play their butts off for him. While he was not perfect, neither were the players. There are enough mistakes that were made to go around. This was a TEAM loss. Adjustments will be made and some of the youngsters on the farm may be ready to contribute. This organization is built for the long haul and the goal has not changed. Be patient and enjoy the ride. While I’m extremely disappointed with Game 6 and even Game 7, I’m am excited about the prospects of what happens next. There is good chemistry in this organization and the answer is not pointing fingers and lopping off heads. The answer is everyone working to take that next step. Back to back Series appearances is amazing and there is nothing to suggest we won’t be back. That is amazing too! Be disappointed, but don’t be bitter and make it personal. Our team has just finished being a part of perhaps one of the most exciting World Series ever. Someone had to lose and unfortunately it was our guys. But, we’ll be back. Don’t be like the St. Louis fans who were all over Larussa after the “bullpen gate” loss. Now, he has returned to genius status. Let’s not do that to Wash. He is right more often than he is wrong or else we wouldn’t have gotten this far.

I agree Fred and Rodney. Wasn’t sure about S.A.E. being D’god until he automatically included Young in the suggestion to sign Pujols – dead giveaway!

The math on the Pujols/Young thing checks out……..for the first 2 years. I’m betting Pujols gets a much longer deal than that. It’s hilarious that the guy advocating (and incorrectly predicting, multiple times) the salary dump of Michael Young’s contract is the same poster who berated Rangers management for not giving Vladimir Guerrero a 2 year contract last offseason.

Rodney you know what I’m thinking. Nice to see you two back. Glad you enjoyed the games!

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